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Worthy idealThese are issues very "Few Authors Can Handle Succinctly "authors can handle succinctly without any unnecessary words Premchand is that class of an author Read the full review at True wondererEvery Indian in one way or the other has read at least one of Munshi Premchand s stories for me it was in School his stories were part of the curriculum ust like Shakespeare is for the Europeans i imagine My favorite among them were Heera and Moti the story of two Bulls and Panch Parmeshwar both of these short stories were absolutely marvelousMy first serious Premchand novel was Godaan NO not Goddamn its GODAAN which to this day remains my favorite Hindi novelAnd Though Karmabhoomi Can T Replace Godaan From It S Place Karmabhoomi can t replace Godaan from it s place it doesn t need to it stands apart in a class of its own The novel has very complicated characters and though the Realistic Day to day social life and norms and Authentic feel which is Premchand s signature aspects in writing are present the simplicity is absentThis is truly a magna carta of Indian literature not because of its size but due to the wide range of issues social Religious and the Human psyche conundrums covered in the book Again this was written in 1930 sto write about these topics like Untouchability Hypocritical religious practices Inter faith love interestsWomen empowermentcorruption among the classes than would be like in a kerosene soaked house and attempting to cookThat too under British Raj oh so many times i wondered why has the author not named names when time came to the assign responsibility for the pain caused to the people specially the farmers but of course he didn t name names they would never have allowed it to be publishedSo Premchand had cleverly used other tools at his disposal linking greed hypocritical laws and lawmakers and pointed in the general directionAll in all this novel was the amalgamation of every aspect of the Gandhian ways a family s struggle to finally finding in each other the very comfort that they had craved all their lives a true companionship and sense of peace brought by the services of othersAs always it was a pleasure reading one of the most celebrated authors in all his glory A must read for any Indian lit enthusias. ?ेते हैं। निर्धनों के मकान की समस्या अछूतोद्धार की समस्या अछूतों के मन्दिर में प्रवेश की समस्या भारतीय नारियों की मर्यादा और सतीत्व की रक्षा की समस्या ब्रिटिश साम्राज्य के दमन चक्र से उत्पन्न समस्याएँ भारतीय समाज में व्याप्त धार्मिक पाखण्ड की समस्या पुनर्जागरण और नवीन चेतना के समाज में संचरण की समस्या राष्ट्र के लिए आन्दोलन करने वालों की पारिवारिक समस्याएँ आदि इस उपन्यास में बड़े यथार्थवादी तरीके से व्यक्त हुई हैं।'. I have seen mothers not allowing their children to speak Hindi lest Their Children Will Get children will get fluent in English Since When A Language Since when a language become a barrier Language is ust a medium of expressing "our ideas Except for Sukhda almost all characters are inconsistent Too much of idealism makes story very "ideas Except for Sukhda almost all characters are inconsistent Too much of idealism makes story very Story moves here and there or rather there is no plot Totally disappointed Maybe not very entertaining with its story line but great work portraying a revolution against aristocracy in British Raj and situation of religion in Brahman infested Hindu society Besides Premchand has penned family relation and love in his typical interesting way Read this in my struggle towards getting a better grip on my mother tongueI love Premchand s books for their simplicity of language and characters This book was a big shocker The writing did not feel like Premchand Ji s at all None of the characters were simple Your love and hate towards the characters will surely go vice versa by the endMore than 50% through I couldn t figure what the main plot is aboutInteresting to see a revolutionary plot in a pre independence India which is not about freedom struggle or related revolutionsAt times the content was so heavy that I couldn t continue and needed a lighter read in between There are a lot of idealistic thoughts even valid till date And that s the thing about Premchand evergreenHowever could not enjoy this one as much as I wanted to in spite of reading in a group Godan stands tall among the novels of Premchand and it is the one that is closest to my heartBut Karmbhumi is eually relevant in today s scenario I ve seen my fellow young men discard Gandhi s beliefs by accusing them of being impractical But this novel picks the ideals of peace and ahimsa which were there long before Gandhi used them from the rubble of retaliation and restores it on the throne of originality and tangibility Unlike godan it doe Fantastic A books about social change ideologies and the nature of men and women in times of crises What does it take for a man or a woman to awaken from lethargy and slumber What does it take to recognise the need to act in a way that will benefit others than self What makes sacrifice ? और दोनों का उद्देश्य क्रान्ति है। किन्तु यह क्रान्ति गाँधी जी के सत्याग्रह से प्रभावित है। गाँधीजी का कहना था कि जेलों को इतना भर देना चाहिए कि उनमें जगह न रहे और इस प्रकार शांति और अहिंसा से अंग्रेज सरकार पराजित हो जाए। इस उपन्यास की मूल समस्या यही है। उपन्यास के सभी पात्र जेलों में ठूस दिए जाते हैं। इस तरह प्रेमचन्द क्रान्ति के व्यापक पक्ष का चित्रण करते हुए तत्कालीन सभी राजनीतिक एवं सामाजिक समस्याओं को कथानक से जोड़ Why did it take me 18 years of my
to realise that I need read this book Why This book has what you can NEVER find in an English other language novelThis is my second hindi novel and believe me hindi novels have a charm a messagemany actually emotion strength sadness and every other human emotion beautifully tied by a ribbon and nothing can replace itThis is a work of god Period This is the first hindi novel I have read and the first in works of much acclaimed Munshi Premchandexcept for abridged stories in school curriculum The novel very well portrays many facets of the pre colonial Indian society in the northern state on the bank of river Ganges The novel picks up pace in the middle and ends on a very high The use of hindi language is very well and taking into consideration the knowledge of hindi in today s generation its not very "HARDFINISHING WITH A UOTE FROM THE NOVEL WHICH I "with a uote from the novel which I and remembered Karmabhumi began really well I absolutely loved the first 60 pages or so The characters were beautiful uirky but not too much the language was simple succinct and beautiful with little metaphors that made my heart happy to readThe characters were all well formed with their own depths and easy to empathize with Be it the protagonist Amarkanth his wife Sukhada or his father Samarkant among others They all fit the context that they were placed in and they behaved realistically They had their weaknesses and stre This book doesn t needs a review to udge its magnificence From page one it keeps the reader hooked up and builds a story that makes one believe oneself to be a part of it It is story of life of an idealist who wants to weed out the evils that have hold back the country and during this ourney he is married to a woman who is egregiously opposite in character The woman wants her husband should Take The Responsibilities Of the responsibilities of before working for the society and the country Karmabhoomi or field of action is in which the character and destinies of individuals are formed and revealed through their actions here this field of action is Human LifeThis story intertwined with several other stories make the novel marvelous On a personal note I think Hindi is dying day by day. कर्मभूमि प्रेमचन्द का राजनीतिक उपन्यास है जो पहली बार १९३२ में प्रकाशित हुआ। आज कई प्रकाशकों द्वारा इसके कई संस्करण निकल चुके हैं। इस उपन्यास में विभिन्न राजनीतिक समस्याओं को कुछ परिवारों के माध्यम से प्रस्तुत किया गया है। ये परिवार यद्यपि अपनी पारिवारिक समस्याओं से जूझ रहे हैं तथापि तत्कालीन राजनीतिक आन्दोलन में भाग ले रहे हैं।उपन्यास का कथानक काशी और उसके आस पास के गाँवों से संबंधित है। आन्दोलन दोनों ही जगह होता ह?. ,