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Wolfsong oIs involved and compelling This tale beings in 1863 and covers a bit than 10 years In thepening chapters the heroine and hero meet separate and then see each Ultimate Memory Book other again after several yearsMary Catherine Katy McCleary her mother andlder sister are living in Washington DC with the mother s second husband Richard Allen The three females are serious Southern sympathizers who just happen to be living with a colonel f the Union Army Richard AllenMrs McCleary plotted her revenge when Union forces burned their home early in the war she met and married an important man in the Union army Col Richard Allen and stole secrets to aid the Confederate causeMom may have been watching for secrets but she was not watching the Colonel and her younger daughter However Logan Marshall a young Union Officer Transporting Secrets Catches The Colonel With transporting secrets catches the Colonel with and tells her mother The three females leave the Colonel s home and move in with an aunt n her farmThe Colonel gets his revenge by sending Logan to an area where he knows there are Confederate soldiers Logan is caught and sent to a Confederate prison for 19 months He escapes and is n the run when he Happens Upon Katy Again Still upon Katy again still with the great auntConflicted by her Confederate support and her admiration and awe f Logan she feeds and clothes him right under the nose f Confederates In an intimate encounter Logan does not hear Aunt Peggy arrive with Confederate soldiers Katy begs for his life he s sent to Andersonville instead f the wrong end f soldiers Katy begs for his life he s sent to Andersonville instead f the wrong end Monsoon of hangman s ropeAndersonville was even harrowing than Libby Prison conditions were so bad that Logan became confused and then his memory for three years Through a uirkf fate Log. S just before he'd felt the rifle at his back This time Logan would make sure they finished what they started And that she wasn't pretending when she shuddered with pleasure under his exploring touch and moaned with ecstasy in response to his forceful possessionHe Demanded Her PassionSome things never changed Katy had thought she'd seen the last Slice by Slice of Logan Marshall when as a young girl she'd been resp. Gone with the wind this is not Onef the worst I ve read from this author Too longThis story was good and the characters well thought ut but I found myself plodding along just to finish the characters well thought ut but I found myself plodding along just to finish all in all it is a good book Ice Maiden once you get into it I read it as His Heart s Revenge the re titlef this Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle older story It s fullf revenge and angry love making and secrets and stuff Again it s Civil War and just after than actual Victorian era Nice read Not as good as the later Goodman books but still a four star rating based Seducing the Heiress on the emotional content even though somef the actions And Cowboy Makes Three of the characters weref uestionble sense However I still love a good revenge hate to love story and Ms Goodman can wring tears Teasing Her SEAL off a piecef granite It s a hate story rather than a love a hate story rather than a love The heroine is abused as a child then rescued by a Yankee who thinks she betrays him As an adult she faces sexual abuse from the hero the

"Villain And Is Generally "
and is generally traumatized The plot is convoluted and the actions moves between 4 Rancher Bears Baby (Rancher Bears, or 5 characters I thought it was gruesome As the war was goingn Katy did some things that she regretted especially to Logan Marshall Now ten years later Katy Dakota has made her name A Valentines Wish on stage and Logan isut for revengeThe story was slow in parts I felt like some Paix√£o Sem Disfarce of the information could have been editedut but Rain overall the story kept me entertained Logan was forceful to a point but I can understand his wanting revenge for what Katy put him through but he was also able to check himself Overall I liked Katy she did what she had to do to keep going She was a very strong heroine but also had herwn faults There s a reason this story takes 479 pages to complete the plot. She Owed Him Her LoveSome things never changed The name In the Matter of the Complaint Against Egbert C. Smyth and Others, Professors of the Theological Institution in Phillips Academy, Andover on the playbill at Wallack's Theatre said Katy Dakota but for Logan Marshall no amountf face paint could disguise the unforgettable beauty I Met Someone of Mary Catherine McCleary the girl who'd betrayed him during the war She was a fine actress all right Even now he could remember how convincingly she'd played the rolef an eager innocent under his kisse. ,
Passion's Sweet Revenge

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