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NsI also found it interesting to earn how the discovery of oil and the wealth it created in Saudi Arabia acted as the finiancial backbone of the islamic movements Currently the official type of Islam in Saudi Arabia is Wahhabism a conservative 18th century reform movement of Sunni Islam and as Saudi Arabia became rich it began establishing Wahhabist centers around the Middle East and in western nations preaching the conservative and pure form of IslamAt one point the author gives a series of statistics comparing specific Islamic countries and then all Islamic countries in general to the rest of the world in terms of economic growth incomecapita iving standardsetc Every time western nations with 15th or fewer the populations of muslim nations were as or productiveOne of the most surprising statistics was that Islamic countries translate a very very small percentage of the "Book Other Westernized Nations Translate This Indicates That Islamic Governments "other westernized nations translate This indicates that Islamic governments much restrictive of what their people may read or that there is internal pressure from religious figures condemning outside knowledge that may allow people to have independent thoughts I think books allow a person to April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers learn and think for themeselves and not rely on spoon fed information from itseaders I iked that that author is greatly knowledgeable about the Arab history and Islam he should have been much able to detect the reasons for this crisis that Islam currently passes throughYet I felt that book is a kind of being propagandist to Israel and its unconditional support by the US instead of considering them as a main pillar of the crisisThe title of the book isn t really focusing on Islam and its crisis as such It rather focuses on the US handling to this problem The book also provides a smooth narrative ine but it doesn t really end up with concrete solution with the US problem with Islam The author is wary about the so called Islamic terrorism but isn t annoyed at all with any other atrocities committed by the Western countries or Israel in the Middle East and that initiated the deep rooted feeling of agony among Muslims This feeling is attributed to be the main source for any terrorism to happen in this region This was similar to The Art of War in that it was chock full of common sense And if you possess common sense you don t need to be told why certain groups hate Americans and our ideologies hell I m not so crazy about us either at times why World Powers will always need an enemy and why Holy Wars are older than the Muslim world I m not uestioning the author s validity but if you are seeking an in depth history esson of the Middle East as I was this is not it. Tangling the crosscurrents of Middle Eastern history from the rhetoric of its manipulators Bernard Lewis helps us understand the reasons for the increasingly dogmatic rejection of modernity by many in the Muslim world in favor of a return to a sacred past Based on his George Polk Award–winning article for The New Yorker The Crisis of Islam is essential reading for anyone who wants to know what Usama bin Ladin represents and why his murderous message resonates so widely in the Islamic worl. Ing of the ong and complex Middle East political situation Mr Lewis seemed to do a fair job presenting many sides not just the Western perspective In Fact He Was Often he was often critical of America and her allies Also want to read What Went Wrong The Clash Between Islam Modernity in the Middle East when I finish rereading this For example I earned that the ur an promises rather severe penalties in the next ife for suicides thus seeming to be a contradiction as well as a prohibition for those who would claim religious justification for acts such as 9 11 or suicide bombers A short 125 page focused book that honestly and hence in a balanced manner analyses Islam s relationship with the West So many cobwebs cleared so many things earnt unbelievably in such a short book Princeton s Bernard Lewis is one of the most respected subject matter experts on the Middle East well known the world over This book was written three years after the War on Terror began and does a masterful job of explaining the cultural rifts between Islam and the West and the rise of IslamofascismIf you want to know the real reason victory in Ira and Afghanistan and in the entire Global War on Terror is so critical for global security this book is a must readI have read this book at Space Kid leats five times and have bought multiple copies of the book to give to people I know who are interested in the conflict between Western and Middle Eastern Cultures I have also purchased andistened to the audiobook from Audiblecom I wish this book was a bit Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town longer but it gets right to the point and makes you feelike an idiot for following the mainstream public stereotyping of Islam If you want to "know why so many muslim extremists hate the west especially United States "why so many muslim extremists hate the west especially United States this book I am trying to gain a better understanding of why some Islamic nations and people of those nations have an intense hatred of American ideals culture and foreign policy I think this book did an excellent job better informing me about the complex hisotry of Islamthe role the Soviet Union played in the Middle East the JewishArab conflict the priciples of jihad and explained about the various sects of Islam and their extremest teachingsI now better understanding about how Islamic fundamentalists think and their rationale for the tactics that they use I also have a clear understanding about their short term and ong term goals are One of the major issues is the distain for many moderate eaders of Islamist countries such as Saddat in Egypt and the Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water leaders in Saudi Arabia These rulers are seen as disloyal to Islam for signing treaties with Israel allowing infidels onto their soil and working with America. Centuries of history but in particular it charts the key events of the twentieth centuryeading up to the violent confrontations of today the creation of the state of Israel the Cold War the Iranian Revolution the Soviet defeat in Afghanistan the Gulf War and the September 11th attacks on the United StatesWhile hostility toward the West has a Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus long and varied history in theands of Islam its current concentration on America is new So too is the cult of the suicide bomber Brilliantly disen.

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This is very bad journalism Stacked with "miss uotes and downright Pure fear mongering Book ike this appeared ib the 1930 s in "uotes and downright ies Pure fear mongering Book this appeared ib the 1930 s in s time The author should be called to account This is not just an opinion its propaganda This is certainly a good historical account of the events that underpin the shift toward Islamic radicalism and terrorism I wish I d read it sooner it was published in 2003 but Troubled Waters life got in the way Lewis does address some of the Koranic scriptures in trying to describe some of the actions of the most radical fundamentalists in Islam so I cannot find fault there However I thought he could have gone much deeper by addressing the curriculum in madrassas sermons by imams and use of Koranic scriptural interpretations as well as what is used in the Hadith that aided the shift toward radicalism Honestly I knew most of what I heard in Lewis s reading in Crisis I ve been paying attention to these issues since well before 911 But this isn t a shortcoming in this book nor is it a criticism Yet there was for development of the violent faith aspect to accompany the historical events I dike to read Lewis s account if he knew through foresight or clairvoyance what we now know about other terrorist attacks the morphing of al aeda into the Islamic State ISISISIL the Arab Spring Winter the death of Usama bin Laden and the struggle for influence in the Middle State ISISISIL the Arab Spring Winter the death of Usama bin Laden and the struggle for influence in the Middle between Saudi Arabia ie Sunni Islam and Iran ie Shia Islam His closing remarks highlight the concerns of Western European states regarding their Muslim minorities Lewis is almost prescient in this regard eg Paris Brussels Nice Berlin etc A Crisis 20 would be a nice compliment to this publication Amazing review of muslim history as it relates to the western world Lewis is one of if not the best Western scholars on the muslim world Middle eastern college kids get sent by their parents to his classes to earn their history Anyhow this is a concise well written book on a very difficult topic It really gives you a much better understanding of the origins of the conflict between Arabs and the West and Muslims and the West I d say this is a must read for anyone in the armed forces Really everyone in america needs to better understand this conflict Our battle shouldn t be with bombs and guns but with better understanding and adaptation on both sides Listened to this traveling to and from St Louis on our recent Thanksgiving trek back to visit family The author is also the reader and he does an excellent job Learned so much it was hard to take it all in with just one isten Want to return to it again And yet even one isten was eye opening Given my imited understand. In his first book since What Went Wrong Bernard Lewis examines the historical roots of the resentments that dominate the Islamic world today and that are increasingly being expressed in acts of terrorism He ooks at the theological origins of political Islam and takes us through the rise of militant Islam in Iran Egypt and Saudi Arabia examining the impact of radical Wahhabi proselytizing and Saudi oil money on the rest of the Islamic world The Crisis of Islam ranges widely through thirteen. The Crisis of Islam