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LOTUS Mockingbird but light work is made of the Orange One and his Base Hiaasen readers know what to expect and he doesn t disappoint Using the invasive presence of Burmese Pythons in southern Florida he builds his plot with a mixture of fact and hilarious fiction played against the monied world of Palm Beach This is a perfect anodyne to what s going on in the real world Carl Hiaasen delivers a clever humorous novel that s going to leave you shaking your head saying Oh *no tell me he didn t ust go there Oh yes friends *tell me he didn t ust go there Oh yes friends did And lucky you were along for the ride When Kiki Fitzsimmons disappears from a charity ball at the country club in S Florida the search is on After all she couldn t and wouldn t have simply walked away Well leave it to the twisted mind of Carl Hiaasen to take her disappearance to the next level While your detective skills may be highly honed I m betting than a few will stumble guessing what happened to our little socialite So sit back and enjoy the bumpy ride the author is about to take you As with any Hiaasen novel you re assured to have your reuisite laugh out loud moments This was the perfect send off to such a tough year What better way to say goodbye to 2020 than through smiles and laughter I think we could all use of that Posted to Thank you to Edelweiss and Random House Publishing for an ARC to read and review Carl Hiaasen returns us to the madness of Florida in a deranged irreverent and funny social and political satire featuring the imbecilic Orange one with his gerbil like attention span and his first lady referred to here by their secret service names of Mastodon and Mockingbird It is the height of the exclusive Palm Beach charity ball season that so many of the country s wealthy arrive for with the Casa Bellicosa close by the Winter White House Kiki Pew Fitzsimmons is a prominent member of the POTUSSIES a group of rich diehard elderly female fans of the current POTUS founded by and led by Fay Alex Riptoad enraged by the fake news and lies about their beloved leader they are freuent visitors to the Casa Bellicosa The drunk Kiki disappears at a charity ball with a half bitten ecstasy tablet at the scene next to a murky koi pondIt is this event that triggers the multiple bonkers threads of madness that flow from it Ex vet ex wildlife officer now wildlife wrangler extraordinaire divorced Angie Armstrong runs Discreet Captures employed to remove the wide range of critters that can turn up in homes and businesses She has a stepson she has remained close to and is regularly receiving nightly threatening calls from a red neck whack ob poacher with only one hand with Angie having served a prison sentence for her part in the loss of his other hand Having killed a enormous Burmese python that had Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery just eaten a large meal with a machete at a charity ball venue the strong feisty and determined Angie knows exactly what happened to Kiki and is willing to go to considerable lengths to expose the truth 25 year old Honduran illegal Diego Beltran finds himself accused of the heinous crime of murder and despite his innocence the Orange one s tweets ensure thatustice seems beyond reach for himWith incompetent criminals the procedures that lie behind the Orange one s tanning bed the return of the crazed Skink the ex Governor of Florida and the emergence of a huge number of acid tripping Burmese pythons appearing in Palm Beach Angie finds herself working with secret service agent Paul Ryskamp soon to retire and local Police Chief Jerry Crosby to prove Diego s innocence whilst finding her professional services in strong demand This outrageously fun and entertaining read is not one for Trump supporters but for everyone else it is a pure oy of the bizarre the strange and colourful Florida of Hiaasen s imagination Given the surreal madness and tragedy of the reality of actual American politics you need the likes of Hiaasen to provide some much needed comic relief Many thanks to Little Brown for an ARC. Ppearance of Kiki Pew Never one to miss an opportunity to play to his base he immediately declares her a victim of rampaging immigrant hordes This it turns out is far from the truth which now lies in the middle of the road where a bizarre discovery brings the First Lady's motorcade to a grinding halt Irreverent ingenious and uproariously entertaining Sueeze Me perfectly captures the absurdity of our times. ,

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Squeeze MeDisappointing Really enjoyed other Hiaasen books but found this to be too mean spirited toward a President he obviously hates His overwhelming disdain for Trump caused him to lose the humor normally associated with his other works It is one thing to poke fun and totally another to have a running hateful diatribe through out Carl Hiaasen is always good for a laugh And this book is no exception Kiki Pew Fitsimmons is a Palm Beach dowager a member of the POTUS Pussies She also happens to have gone missing during a fundraising gala for IBS In typical Hiaasen fashion the plot rolls out in hysterical fashion with multiple threads that will keep your rolls out in hysterical fashion with multiple threads that will keep your spinning He excels at clever names and descriptions which always seem to hit the mark Hiaasen has a list of those he hates first and foremost being our idiot president code named Mastodon by the Secret Service But the rich and the rampaging imbeciles that are Trump supporters also come in for their share of abuse Despite the broad humor Hiaasen still creates real main characters The secondary characters may be total satire but Angie the wildlife wrangler at the heart of this story comes across as real as you or me He also remains a voice for protecting the environment In an interview with NPR he says that nature is always a character in its own right in his books Scott Brick narrates and has the perfect voice for this able to maintain a serious tone regardless of how absurd the situation Hilarious absurd and hysterical this was a well plotted and bizarre crime thriller with an abundance of black humour and silliness The main characters were uirky colourful and brilliantly portrayed 45 stars A central character is the American President known to the secret service as Mastodon This portrayal may seem to some as too outrageous to be credible even as satire He is vile uncultured hates immigrants who become his targets for blame and lies spends time ranting and raging on twitter loves and creates conspiracy theories enhances his appearance with bronzing creams and tanning beds Oh wait this portrayal seems right on The story begins at the Casa Bellicosa on Palm Beach near the Winter White House at an exclusive charity ball Attending are the filthy rich the entitled and the frivolous Among the guests are members of the POTUSSIES an enthusiastic fervent fan club for the current POTUS The group is comprised of elderly women Head of this group who support their beloved President is Fay Alex Riptoad A prominent member is Kiki Pew Fitzsimmons They devote much time and energy to supporting the President bewailing the fake news and impeachment hearings Kiki age 72 wanders away from the party while drunk and disappears Evidence by a murky koi pond suggests that she may have stumbled in and drowned but divers are unable to find her body The manager of the mansion grounds keeper does not want anyone to learn of her disappearance to ruin its reputation for partygoers and prospective future guests He will *do anything to keep this a secret The manner of her death was grotesue Two *anything to keep this a secret The manner of her death was grotesue Two small time criminals have gotten into the plot to keep the cause of Kiki s death from ever being revealed Later Kiki s body is found encased in concrete at a building site Angie Armstrong an ex veterinarian ex wildlife officer now runs Discreet Captures She is employed to capture and to remove wildlife pests that have invaded homes and businesses She had been in prison for causing a poacher to lose his hand He is now making threatening calls to her daily Angie knows what really happened to Kiki but can t yet prove it When Diego an innocent illegal immigrant from Honduras is unjustly blamed for the murder Angie is determined to free him from prison The President seizes on Diego s arrest to falsely rave in speeches and on twitter that Diego was head a terrorist Latino cartel aiming to destroy the American way of life with murders and rapes This inflames the crowds including the POTUSSIES and proof. If you could use some wild escapism right now Hiaasen is your guy The New York TimesFrom the author of Skinny Dip and Razor Girl a hilarious New York Times best selling novel of social and political intrigues set against the glittering backdrop of Florida's gold coastWITH A NEW EPILOGUEAt the height of Palm Beach's charity ball season Kiki Pew Fitzsimmons a prominent member of geriatric high society sudde. Of his innocence will not easily win the young man s release from prison There is much craziness insanity and plain silliness in the story This includes the return OF DERANGED EX GOVERNOR SKINK WHO deranged ex governor Skink who been living as a hermit and who has plans of stirring up trouble to the next level There is adultery within the Winter White House the murder of some bungling hired criminals pythons on LSD and a malfunctioning tanning bed This should appeal to anyone who enjoys black humour and satire but beware if you are a supporter of the President I don t think I knew how much I needed this book until I started reading Yes it s based in our current reality but Hiaasen has a gift for stretching that reality to ridiculous lengths until you reach a place where you can only look up laugh However fair warning to fans of the Orange One his posseyou may not find this uite so amusingIn fact supporters of those who suffer from inherited wealth political ambition or general pretension may have trouble locating their funny bone It s definitely the blue collar crowd who shine in this It s definitely the blue collar crowd who shine in this twisted tale set inwhere elseFlorida It all begins when 72 year old Kiki Pew Fitzsimmons disappears during a charity ball She her gang of wealthy widows have serious pull in the swanky town of Palm Beach it s not long before a full scale search is underway Alas they don t know what we dowhat really happened to Kiki brief time out here ust to say eeeww Turns out a couple of other people have figured it out One is professional wildlife wrangler Angie Armstrong our MC She specializes in relocating pesky critters soon puts two two together as to the whereabouts of the elderly socialite Not that anyone believes her But Angela is the persistent feisty sort soon ropes in the local chief of police a weary secret service agent And hey maybe they can also help with her crazy stalker Hold on to your hat as this takes off in a dozen direction Pretty soon we re knee deep in illegal immigrants angry mobs dangerous tanning beds pythons on LSD This is a little darker edgier than usual for Hiaasen you have no doubt where he stands on current issues *But Instead Of A *instead of a polemic he gets it off his chest in the form of an entertaining story full of the colourful characters bizarre events that have become his trademark Social commentary is sharply observed humour ranges from cleverly satirical to ridiculously silly This was exactly what I needed in the midst of all the mayhem Angie is my kind of girl I enjoyed riding shotgun as the story unfolds There s never a dull moment lots of laughs characters you ll root for including one of my personal faves Sadly some of the most bizarre bits are probably trueIf your weekend plans include a rally in Tulsa give this a pass The rest of you can grab a beverage relax prepare to giggle Reading tool kit should include sunscreen flip flops pepper spray vodka a couple of those little cocktail umbrellas wouldn t go amiss I ve long thought Donald Trump must have strayed from the pages on a funny Carl Hiassen novel No one else could invent a character as outrageous as him rightI am pleased to say even if I were wrong I was rightTrump fits seamlessly into his part in Sueeze Me He s never actually named as such but we are let in no doubt it s really himHiassen has always done satire wellOn one level this is a skilfully written entertaining and funny storyOn another level it s a savage barbI can t wait for the seuel Skink sets Mastodon free deep in the swamp So this is Carl Hiaasen s take on the current administration The leader of the free world referred to only by his code name of Mastodon pleased to learn of the animal s extreme size and strength he asked for a visit to the zoo to see a herd of his namesakes probably Womens Political Activism in Palestine just after reuesting an audience with Frederick Douglass firestorms tweets spends much time in his custom built tanning bed and clomps around his Palm Beach compound here Casa Bellicosa Treated humanely is the current Nly vanishes during a swank gala Kiki Pew was a founding member of the Potussies a group of women dedicated to supporting the President who spends half the year at the Winter White Houseust down the road Meanwhile Angie Armstrong wildlife wrangler extraordinaire is called to the island to deal with a monster sized Burmese python that has taken residency in a tree But the President is focused on the disa.