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Mportant part of the book but I felt myself much invested in Vic s sketchy life and Bette and Layla reconnecting Bette is actually hands down my favorite character and and Bette and Layla reconnecting Bette is actually hands down my favorite character and wish this book had really just been their road trip and conversations throughout I liked the flashbacks of the past but they felt a little bit clunky and random I think it would ve made sense for the chapters to be titled based on the narrator although it was so creative to name the chapters based on the location of the character I don t think I ve ver seen that before Lastly I njoyed the nding and I was super surprised as to who was involved and who wasn t involved BUT I wish the last 2 3 chapters were cut out It was too Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation explain y Ending the book at the news article or right when Layla decides to drive back to Ohio would ve been perfect and given me justnough to think about This book wasn t bad at all it just needs a little polishing in my opinionThank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in xchange for an honest review Layla an artist that recently lost her job is troubled by her mother s death Although her father Vic just passed away she is unsure of how to feel about his death specially since he s known to be a criminal She Generations and Collective Memory embarks on a journey with her half sister Bette andnds up learning a lot about her sister and her father who was practically non xistent during her childhood She also tries to figure out the truth behind her mother s death I was ready to give this book 45 as I njoyed the beginning I njoyed the relationship between Layla and Bette I started I njoyed the relationship between Layla and Bette I started interest towards the Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America end It felt a bit dragged and pieces didn t fall into place Thank you NetGalley and publishers for an advancedlectronic copy of this book to read and reviewFirst off I am a character reader In real life I m a total people watcher so characterization in novels is critical for So lucky for me this book focuses primarily on characters the plot line is secondary novels is critical for So lucky for me this book focuses primarily on characters the plot line is secondary at points almost nonessentialWith that said I was interested in Layla her stranged half sister Bette and the line of characters associated with their shared career criminal father Vic I still felt a little disconnected from them though ven with so much insight into their lives and their past But out of all the characters I found Jake Layla s nephew to be the one I cared the most aboutWhile the bulk of the novel takes place during a road trip from Ohio to Arizona the substance comes in the stories and flashbacks that occur along the wayI have seen this book categorized as a suspensethrillermystery but I didn t find it thrilling or suspenseful at all instead I found that it made me curious I was curious about how their lives all connected and how the backstories made the characters act and react the way they did I would agree that it fits into the general fiction categoryNow there was a small mystery that I felt was downplayed until the Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) end of the book where there was about 20 pages when said mystery came to its conclusion In thend it was my curiosity that kept me hookedThis book is about family and grief and with a dash of revenge It s about choices The nding was bittersweetThis is an asy read but if characters drive your decision to put books on your TBR list this is a good option It s not set to be released until August 3 so take noteOverall I d give this a 355 because while it peaked my curiosity I didn t find it possessed that hard to put down ualit. Layla finds herself caught in the middle of an unsettled and lethal score between her father and a man who knows than he should about her mother’s deathAs Layla zeroes in on the truth and wrestles her own demons she finds herself face to face with a kille. Set in the US this is the story of Layla She was raised by her grandparents after the death of her mother when she was a child The book begins when her father dies and she travels to her half sister s home to attend the funeral Their father Vic was inolved in some shady business and when Bette gives Layla a box from her father with 50000 she is reluctant to accept it because of her feeling that it came from ill gotton gains Layla and Bette undertake a cross country it because of her feeling that it came from ill gotton gains Layla and Bette undertake a cross country to pick up some art materials for Bette s son Jake who has Down s syndrome Their relationship has never been a good one but as the journey progresses they come to understand ach other better and Layla gets to understand the family On the whole Layla is the narrator but there are chapters set at different times from the viewpoints of others which add depth and understanding to the story M This novel is great comfortbinge reading I finished it in two captivating sessions The main storyline concerns two stranged sisters who are brought together in the midst of some dark criminal machinations The tentative bonding and Foraging for Survival eventual mutualndearment of the sisters is crafted with beautiful nuance and Fragments empathy These characters got into my blood Weeks after reading the novel I find myself having imaginary conversations with them as though they were real people I had known and cared deeply about However the real narrative kicker is how the two relatively innocent young women manage the nebulous and menacing criminallements in which they become unwittingly Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries embroiled The poignant sibling reunion plus the suspenseful crime drama render this book a genuine page turner I think Netflix I feel very ambivalent about this book I didn t hate it but I didn t particularly like itither I really struggled to keep reading this as the story just wasn t holding my interest and the characters were all very flatI received an ARC via Netgalley in xchange for an honest review This story focuses on artist Laylah She was brought up by her now deceased grandparents after her mother apparently took her own life in the local woods The curcumstances of her death have always been surrounded in doubt Laylah s father has been absent from her life due to his career choices You wouldn t describe him as a law abiding citizen like some kind of gangster After his recent passing Laylah reconnects with her sister Bette at his funeral Along with Bette s son and aunt During her stay Bette reveals that she is about to mbark on a road trip to collect some uipment for her special needs son so Laylah tags along and uses this as an opportunity to bond with her sister But has Bette been completely honest about the reasons for her She is also hiding another secret about her recent health issues What starts as a car ride with her stranged sister turns into an adventure to complete a certain mission and it looks like the are not alone I really liked the characters in the book They felt believable You got a real sense of the awkwardness surrounding the ladies and could see the barriers start to fall down I found it fairly predictable although there were still a few surprises But I wasn t disappointed I found myself shouting at Laylah in my head about the danger she will face almost like when you watch a horror film and the viewer knows the bad guy is round the corner It actually added to the suspenseI njoyed the relationship between Laylah and Bette s son The. The nemy of my One Ticket To Texas enemy is my sisterCareer criminal Vic Doloro isn’t the kind of guy you’d send a card to on Father’s Day Layla Shawn never has She’s spent most of her thirty two yearsstranged from her father and haunted by the mysterious death of he. ,

Ir love and natural talent for art really bonded them and you could see that it would be a really strong relationship for years to come This was a uick Helpmate enjoyable thriller Lots of suspense somexciting developments and also interesting interactions between a split family It had a sense of duty to loved ones and breaking down barriers to include people into your unit I would recommend This story follows Layla as she attends her stranged father s funeral While she is there she visits with her stepsister Bette heading to Pheonix to pick up art materials for her son Layla decides to join Bette and while they are traveling their father s dark history begins to unfoldThis book did not captivate me I had a hard time reading it that I had to start over because I felt like I misunderstood what was happening Considering it s a thriller it didn t feel like a page turner for me until the altercation at the nd I thought that the overall premise was a bit bizarre and uninspired Layla and Bette do not have a close relationship and it seemed so unlikely that they would spontaneously have a family road trip They reminisced on their first road trip when they were much younger and it just seemed out of the realm of possibilities to have another The nding which left Layla to fend for herself felt very contrived There could have been a much natural way for this to happen but it felt forced and it made me lose any small connection that I had with Layla We are left with so many unanswered uestions about her father Vic and his past that I with Layla We are left with so many unanswered uestions about her father Vic and his past that I like this was a stereotypical mob boss making the whole thing seem dull There was nothing new and xciting about this character trope so much so that he could have been literally anything Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader else and beennjoyable I did appreciate the inclusivity of a character with Down s Syndrome I would have loved to see Vic interact with him because it may have humanized him in a way that we never saw from Layla s point of view Thank you to NetGalley and Imbrifex for the advanced copy I will post my review on Goodreads immediately and my review on upon publication this book seemed to me like a thriller before i started but its definitely of a mystery theres nothing wrong with the story it is a tale of two sisters Layla and Betty attempting to learn the truth about their father after his passing but I could not get into it idk if im not the target audience for this book but it seemed to drag until the 70% mark 3 stars for the plot Raised by her grandparents Layla knows and feels personal hardships arly on from her mom s apparent suicide and her stranged corrupt father leaving her After her father s funeral she sets out on a road trip with her half sister Bette for what she thought was an art supply trip becomes a revenge score settling Bryozoan Evolution excursion after meeting a man that appears to know a lot about her mom s death Could he possibly be her killer The trip becomes a much needed interaction with Bette breaking barriers and building a sister bond The tripxpands deep family motions and shielded hearts that have been compromised This
#Was Thrilling And Would #
thrilling and would a good movie full of suspense Thank you NetGalley for my ARC copy in xchange for my honest review Overall I did njoy this book uite a bit but I felt that there were some aspects that were holding it back from being a solid 4 star At first the story is set up so that you think the death of Layla s mother is going to be the most R motherThen Vic dies leaving Layla an unemployed artist a tempting inheritance of ill gotten money Urging her to take the money is Vic’s other daughter Bette with whom Layla shares a troubled past On a cross country road trip the two women mend fences but. I Mean You No Harm

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