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Joy all of Peter David s works and I respect and look up to him a lot I d say it s good but not as good as the first one tho very good This book Spider Man 2 by Peter David is a seuel to the first Spider Man I read and I actually enjoyed it than the first one It continues the story of Peter Parker Spider Man as he struggles to establish himself and as a hero In this book Spider Man faces Doc Ock a man with eight limbs who threatens to destroy the city Peter is tempted to give up because his burden seems to be ust getting heavier and he feels like he has lost his true self I liked this book because Peter comes to better understand his role in the world and who he is He also solves internal and external problems that help ease the reader but also solidify the book I would recommend this book for anyone interested in reading another Marvel masterpiece Spiderman 2 is definitely an exciting book You probably watched the movie if you re reading this and know that the book differs from the movie but only very little Starting out I didn t know what to think because I was reading something I never would ve expected This giant robot starts threatening Peter s college campus and Otto Octavius and Dr Connors are there as well This is right away in the book and although it was nice to read and see something different I m glad it s not in the movie I guess that s why people read the book because it is different otherwise it wouldn t be very good Anyhow what is different otherwise it wouldn t be very good Anyhow what nice about seeing the movie and then reading this book is that I got to see the extra details and thoughts that went through the characters minds The movie kind of lets you put the pieces together on your own but reading this really gave me A Better Understanding Of Everything Not That better understanding of everything Not that was hard to get the movie the book ust explains it better I didn t like how some of the main scenes seemed shorter than they should be but that s ust my opinion I do like the talking that goes on in Harry s head when his dead father appears to him telling him to Avenge me Harry is very conflicted in this book In Peter s life everything seems to be going wrong He finds the faults of his life being caused by being Spiderman He wants a normal life away from the hero life and does ust that When Uncle Ben s famous words with great power comes great responsibility come to Peter he realizes that it is his duty to be a hero This happens when the city of New York needs him most Peter also realizes at the end that he and Mary Jane can never be because he is Spidey I would recommend this book to the person who loves action and fighting seuences It s a classic story of a hero fighting on the inside as well as the outside The book is as good as the mo. If Spider Man tries to stop Doc Ock he’ll be placing the lives of those closest to him in mortal danger If he doesn’t it could be the end of the Big Apple With millions of lives hanging in the balance high about Manhattan’s glittering skyline Spider Man confronts his destiny his fiercest enemy and himse.

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Spider Man 2The authors purpose to write This Book Is To Bring book is to bring great movie to people who may prefer books or to people who cant hear and would get a better experience by reading it he also added much to the experience by adding extra details its easier to get a scense of whats going on because you can take it slowi think the theme of this book is be proud of who you are and not try to be better than you can so you be you like peter has been not spending time with mary ane but when he stops being spidy for a wile he is much happier and with doc oc he that he builds arms him self but he ends up less that he builds arms for him self but he ends up less way the story was written in first person through all the characters was very fun to read like playing a video game through than one character at once it brings emotion through reading this way i think because you can connect to the characters much easieri would give this book 5 outa 5 because it gives a lot better than the movie i think i would recommend this book to anyone who likes Algorithms of the Intelligent Web just about anything because theres a thing forust about everyone in this book especially if you like spiderman Positive The Spider Man 2 movie has always been my most favourite out of the three Reading this book I was not disappointed at all There were extra details and you get to see the perspective of the villain You even get to read what those arms are saying which you don t in the movieDislikes None 1010 would recommend Loved this one as much as the first one ThrillingI loved the action and incredible deatail by far this is my favourite book I hope the author makes like it The propose of writing the book Spider man 2 is to entertainment the book is also a thriller The theme of the book Spider man 2 is to never give up on yourself this is displayed than once in the book One time that this is displayed is when Dr Ocktavious before he became the villain was holding an open house showing his new invention Everyone is uestioning the invention and doubting it will work properly but Doc Ock the villain believes in himself and the invention works until a chip in the system breaks and take over his mind The second time this happens is when Spider man doesn t believe in himself and has to over come his mind and gaining the mental part of taking on the part of a super hero He soon realizes that the girl he loves need his help from Doc Ock And the another time this is displayed is when Doc Ocks arms take control of him and he thinks what they want and Doc Ock tries to take back over his brain and destroy his mechanical arms and kills himself The style of this book is a narration the book is telling a story though a series of events that describes what happened usually in chronological. The amazing adventures of one of the greatest superheroes of all timecontinue in Spider Man 2Two years have passed and Peter Parker struggles to cope with the demands of life as a college student a Daily Bugle photographer and a crime fighting superhero But it hasn’t gotten any easier Condemned by the press. Order This is a good way to write the book because it Is The Easiest Way the easiest way understand what is going on and to keep up with what the author is saying My opinion is that the book Spider man 2 is a good read because it keeps the reader thinking and involved in whats going on it keeps the reader me going back to read of the book I read and reviewed the official novelization following the film Spider Man 2 The book was written by Peter David and based on the motion picture I think the author s purpose of writing this book was to entertain as well as change our point of view of how we pictured Peter Parker s life in the movie Peter David uses a very uniue style of writing and the words he uses ust flow from page to page For example Peter David writes He braced himself hoping that his next words wouldn t cause a torrent of tears or angry words David really "shows each character s emotions whether it s troubled or happy "each character s emotions whether it s troubled or happy using his own words and thoughts Peter David makes you feel like you re really watching Spider Man fight crime and bring ustice to New York City with your own eyes I think the theme of this book is simply be yourself and you can t try to be something you really aren t Throughout the story Peter is going through a tough time in his life and really doesn t know who he is any His best friend Harry is still pessimistic about losing his father and although he knows Spider Man was involved he doesn t know who is behind the Mask Mary Jane Is Mary Jane is her peak of her acting career and while Peter is fighting on the streets working at a pizza shop and going to school she is doubtful their friendship will last after Peter missed her show multiple times After fighting himself to be the best person he can be he finally puts away the suit and sees almost instant relief The story was told in first person from the perspective of each character Peter David used an awesome group of words and phrases to describe each character fully The Machine Stops just like the movie I feel the story would of not been the same if the book was written a different way I feel if the book was written in third person the reader wouldn t of received as much feedback and the smaller details that went along with the story The reader also wouldn t of felt the pressure on Peter throughout the story and the struggles that went along with his problems In my opinion I feel this book should receive 5 out of 5 stars because it really makes me think about the story in a whole new way even after I ve seen the movie The author does a greatob of bringing each character to life This book really relates to me and my life because I m growing into a younger adult and I ll face challenges and decisions I have to make on my own I en. Tormented by secrets he can never reveal forced to give up the girl of his dreams at times the lonely burden of Spider Man seems almost too great to bear and the temptation to give up grows stronger by the hourEnter the archfiend Doc Ock armed with a lethal invention powerful enough to destroy half the city. .