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45 stars Yaşayan Kur'an Meal-Tefsir rounded upHaving met at a kindergarten meet and greet nine years ago Gemma and Ruth are best friends who have both beenaising their daughters as single mothers one a widow and the other a wealthy divorc e Gemma and her daughter Bee live frugally paycheck to paycheck Ruth and her daughter Marley live in a mansion with all the latest styles Over the years Ruth and Marley whisk Gemma and Bee away on luxurious vacations and treat them to a lavish lifestyle whenever given the opportunity but it comes with a priceAs Bee and Marley age their mothers friendship becomes complicated Ruth helps Gemma s family financially age their mothers friendship becomes complicated Ruth helps Gemma s family financially and Gemma begins feeling like she is building debt to Ruth that she won t be able to epay She slowly starts to detach herself from Ruth s hold and a scandal Ruth is involved in with a local dad makes separation that much easier Inevitably though Gemma and Bee are pulled back into the friendship that suffocates them and Ruth s attachment to the people she loves becomes bigger as the world around them seems to get smallerI found this book to be so interesting and consistently could not put it down during my eading sessions I absolutely loved the multiple POVs Ruth Marley Gemma Bee and flew through the short chapters The writing showed the contemporary complexities of social media and addressed issues that teens and adults deal with today The Frankenstein Teacher (Corgi Pups) regarding cyber and face to face bullying depression and social isolation It incorporated importantesources that exist today such as text therapy talking to a psychologistcounselor through text I was thoroughly confident that I knew what was happening until the end of the book and the twist The Case of the General's Thumb really threw me for a loop There was an instance of a supporting character having an autism diagnosis which could be analyzed positively or negatively depending on aeader s knowledge ofcloseness to the topic I eally appreciated how Gideon used words like neurodiverse and autistic as person first vs identity first language is something that is consciously contemplated in the field of autism I also liked how she had this character talk about what autism meant to him and some of the characteristics of his diagnosis ie sensory challenges At the same time some eaders may think the use of autism as part of this character s profile could play into seeing his family as victims or making the eader feel bad for his "Family In Part Because "in part because the diagnosis Again it depends on how you as a eader see this situation but I thought Melanie did a good job with a subject that needs conversationAll in all I enjoyed this book a lot and would An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles recommend it to anyone who loves psychological thrillers It was mind. A suspenseful gripping novel about families and friendships torn apart at the seams by obsession secrets and betrayal withelentless twists and turns that hurtle forward to a shocking confrontationWhen Ruth a wealthy divorcee offers to host the Hillside Academy kindergarten meet and greet she hopes this will be a fresh start for her and her introverted daughter Marley Finally they’ll be accepted into a tribe Marley will make friends and Ruth will be welcomed by the mothers Instead the parents are turned off by Ruth’s ostentatious wealth and before kinde. Bending and twisty very contemporary and it was structured in a way that made it a very uick Echoes from the Past readAn electronic ARC of this book was provided to me by the publisher via NetGalley for an honesteview Desperate to make friends in her new neighborhood Ruth and her introvert daughter Marley decide to host the annual Hillside Academy kindergarten meet and greet Ruth hopes they will finally be accepted and find their niche Unfortunately the parents are turned off by Ruth and her obnoxious wealth Once again Ruth and Marley are outcasts During the meet and greet Ruth meets single mom Gemma and her extrovert daughter Bee Ruth makes it her mission to become best friends with mom and daughter Ruth lavishes GemmaBee to Aspen vacations Michelin starred dinners and even a new car Gemma can t believe her luck at first as Bee and she have been paycheck to paycheck As the go by Gemma starts to feel "paycheck to paycheck As the years go by Gemma starts to feel and doesn t know how she will ever The Master Strategist: Power, Purpose and Principle in Action repay Ruth When Ruth s affair with a married man is exposed Gemma uses this as her way to sever tiesSix years later and now Gemma is the one under judgmental eyes and just like that Ruth comes to her defense Their friendship isenewed Gemma uickly however feels the pull of guilt as Ruth becomes controlling and obsessive of their friendshipHOLY MOLY This book was GOOD I stayed up until WAY past my bedtime and even ead during my work day BAD ME don t tell I just had to know what was going to happen Trigger Warning cyberbullying and suicide This book takes cuckoo bananas to another level I loved Melanie Gideon s vernacular in this novel She writes with current lingo phrasing and technology It just added to the overall atmosphere of the novel and the drama This book is haughty and soooo juicy I mean the deceit of these people Backstabbing friends cyber bulling and abuse all wrapped up in one Ruth takes stalking to a whole new level and I was here for all of the horror I have never ead anything by Melanie Gideon but I will be back that is for sure I don t want to give any spoilers but the ending had me jaw Dropped And Clapping It and clapping It brilliant Thank you Netgalley and Simon Schuster for my advance copy in exchange for my honest eview You know how they say keep your friends close but your enemies closer Well this is one of those types of stories Ruth and Gamma have that kind of elationship They are frenemies they have a very twisted The Oathbreaker's Shadow relationship Now this story has twists than tornado alley in tornado season Ruth and Gamma had a falling out when but when Gamma is involved in an academic scandal at her testing center Now this scandal brings the two frienemies together but hiselationship suffocates Gemma and. Rgarten even begins Ruth and Marley are outcasts The last guest to arrive at the meet and greet is Gemma a widow and a single mother to her daughter Bee Ruth sets her sights on the mother daughter duo and soon the two families are inseparable Ruth takes Gemma and Bee on Aspen vacations offers VIP passes to Cirue de Soleil and pays for dinners at Michelin starred estaurants For Gemma who lives paycheck to paycheck Ruth’s largesse is seductive but as the years go by she can’t shake the feeling that she’s accruing an increasingly unpayable debt When Ruth. She is looking for an out Beginning to think "THAT SHE HAS FOUND THE PERFECT OUT TO LEAVE "she has found the perfect out to leave friendship with Ruth when Ruth starts an affair with a married man However this is not the case Ruth is not willing to let Gemma end the friendship that easily I loved this book it kept my interest an Obscenely ich but socially unaccepted Ruth decides to host a meeting of young mothers for her daughter s kindergarten class She has no idea how put off the mothers are with her ostentatious display of wealth and her intentions completely backfire She and her daughter become pariahs in the small Bay Area communityThe only mother to seemingly accept her is Gemma and Ruth latches on to her like a spider to a flyRuth uses her wealth as a tool to ingratiate herself to Gemma who enjoys the benefits but is slowly feeling strangled by the debt and strange friendship she feels she owes Ruth and eventually she shies away making a breakNow years later Ruth still an obsessive unhappy divorced mother is looking at Gemma a young Widowed Mother Caught Up mother caught up an academic scandal as her way in to popularity dependency and neediness She comes to Gemma s defense in a very public way after her private tutoring academy suffers through a scandal Now Gemma owes her When Gemma meets a young X Ray tech and strives for a new elationship Ruth is wildly angry or is sheA story of The Six-Cornered Snowflake and Other Poems relentless obsession betrayal and secrets that will tear apart these two women and their daughters and the community where they live4 stars easily You will not see all these twists coming his book was loads of fun a uick psychological drama about 2 frenemies Ruth and Gemma This is domestic suspense at it s best even when nothing was happening there was a thrum of drama throughout the narrative that kept meeading late into the night The book primarily alternates between the POVs of Ruth and Gemma with occasional chapters dedicated to their The Making of Matt respective daughters Marley and Bee A lot of the book is just bad behavior between the women and neither is all that likable though both are deep enough that theeader can empathize with them at times I Evermore really felt for the daughters who were navigating high school drama along with their own parental drama There were some minor twists throughout the book and a bigger one at the end I had a inkling of that twist but it played out a little differently than what I expected and I felt that it was satisfyingAll in all this is aeally fun Curious Myths of the Middle Ages: The Sangreal, Pope Joan, The Wandering Jew, and Others read that I had trouble putting down I decommend it to those who like domestic suspense I am going to find out what else this author has written Thanks to Netgalley for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest Usagi Yojimbo, Vol. 24: Return of the Black Soul revie. ’s affair with a married Hillside dad is exposed and she’s publicly shunned Gemma uses it to sever ties with Ruth Six years later when Gemma finds herself embroiled in a scandal of her own Ruth comes to her defense Theirenewed friendship Saving Grace rehabilitates theireputations but once again Gemma starts to feel trapped as Ruth grows and obsessed with their Daughter of Witches (Lyra, relationship Aelentless page turner Did I Say You Could Go is the story of friendships steeped in lies and duplicity It’s about two families when pushed to extremes cross the line with devastating World's Best Stress Busting Tips resul.