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You want to do and how to think ahead towards scaling up to a multimillion dollar company I took pages of notes on these topics and I think my business will be better for it After that many of her success philosophies get into ideals than actual items I m a checklist kind of girl so I grew tired of the vagueness and would have loved a bit concrete Go get them attitude All in all a decent starting point for female ntrepreneurs moms or not that definitely gave me some great ideas for my own blog I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through NetGalley Opinions Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars expressed in this review are completely my own I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through NetGalley Opinionsxpressed in this review Are Completely My OwnWe Are Still In completely my ownWe are still in search of inspiring novels that have Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life eve Filled with truth It s time for women to stop apologizing for who we are and learn who we are I was blown away by the mindset of the author Self confidence is the secret weapon to your business success Be unapologetically who you are Be strongnough to like what you like Be confident Crazy Love enough to say what you mean Take up space Be too loud Be too much Be you and don t apologize for it You didn t do someone wrong by being yourself Stop believing you owe another human being an apology forxisting Lift your head high direct your yes above the foreheads of veryone in the room and xist on purpose When you do these things your true self shines and people want to be a part of that I am on the launch team for this book So thankful to have been part of the launch team and was able to receive an advanced reader copy from the publisher through NetGalley I don t read many business books cover "TO COVER I READ THIS IN 2 DAYS WOULD "cover I read this in 2 days would been sooner if my kids didn t interrupt hahaI specially don I ll be honest I thought the cover was cute so I reuested it I m not familiar with the author I assumed this would be a generalized women in business book When I started the book and found out the author is part of an ssential oils MLM I nearly uit reading But I soldiered on and found that this was actually a pretty good common sense approach to business primer It s asy to read and well organized Some of the language in the book drove me insane momtrepreneur and constant mentions of finding your tribe I can t but the book WAS full of practical advice on goal setting and positive thinking and actions The author comes across as friendly and non threatening and I can see tons of people LOVING this book It was solid arc netgalle. Ink Long TermBe Unapologetically YourselfUse the Unsales TacticUnderstand Your Whyand many In Boss Up Lindsay helps you gain the confidence to know that having ambition doesn’t make you a bad mother or wife That it’s okay to have a desire for something than Black Heart, Red Ruby endless sippy cups clean ups Band Aids and groundings That no matter yourducation or xperience you can tap into your passions and create businesses that give you increased flexibility fulfillment and financial securit. What I love about Lindsay Teague Moreno she lays it out in an asy to read and understand manner with some humor mixed in What annoys me she s almost always right I read through the book and reviewed the info and agreed with the majority of it I will be rereading it to fully absorb it Why twice I needed to learn from it and I do best getting the information digesting it sitting on it and then truly learning it so I can apply it best getting the information digesting it sitting on it and then truly learning it so I can apply it no fear I ve already made plans and starting using it and can t wait till girls night to vomit out all that I already learned but to truly apply it will take a second round Highly highly highly recommended to any New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood entrepreneur but best suited for momntrepreneurs The information can be used by anyone though Wow Wow WOW TALK ABOUT REALNESS This book has had me all in my feelings for many reasons But mostly this part where lindsayteague talks about the apologies MANY times I ve felt like I ve had the need to apologize when being me when talking about my business or ven when tryjng to talk about it This right here keeps ringing in my headear The first step to letting your freak flag fly is to stop apologizing for who you are Stop apologizing for success Stop apologizing for taking up time Stop apologizing for failure Stop apologizing for owning a space in the worldFor the last couple of months working on being ME UNAPOLOGETICALLY has been tough for many reasons 1 I often get caught up on the what if s 2 People tend to find on the what if s 2 People tend to find way to pull guilt trips In the midst of working on this I ve learned to come out my closet my comfort zones are seeing less of me AND MOST IMPORTANTLY I AM UNDERSTANDING THAT YES people s opinions of me do matter BUT GOD IS THE ONE WHO GRANTS ME HIS APPROVAL I ve been blessed with women who have picked me up when I was at my lowest and BELIEVED IN ME when I didn tdon t They ve shown me God s love through my process and still do Even the tough love for this and I AM GRATEFUL With this said I CANNOT WAIT TO HAVE THE ACTUAL HARD COPY OF THIS GEM IN MY HANDS If you already haven t done so ORDER IT Check barnes nobles check where ver you need to BUT GET IT I received this book from Netgalley with the intentions of being motivated to get up and do the things that I d always said I would Namely getting into actually writing my own book I thought the cover was cute and that I d read some cute stories about her own struggles and how she managed to boss up and stay motivated Honestly I didn t ven get into it It felt like a manual for selling MLMs and the overuse of find your tribe mom. Stay at home mom turned multimillion dollar producing business owner Lindsay Teague Moreno doesn’t just have a passion for ntrepreneurship She has a deep passion for helping women of all walks of life gain the confidence and skills to tap into their ambition and achieve success in their own business ndeavorsBoss Up will help you put your business on the map and the ideas you’ve previously only dreamed about into the marketplace It will help you overcome your fears and gui. Tribe I love Jesus but I cuss a little all things that MLMs use to connect with people in order to get them to schlep their products It ven does go into why MLMs are a legitimate job and not at all It ven does go into why MLMs are a legitimate job and not at all New Pyramid Scheme It Is After new pyramid scheme It is after how she built herself up into being a motivational speaker My other big problem was the contradictory message about supporting women It bothered me that she pulled out the not like other girls when it suited her Not like other girls is a way to set yourself apart and casually put other women down while humbly bragging on yourself But in the next chapter she was talking about how important it is to support other women and not compare yourself to them Which is it Lindsay Am I uniue and a rainbow unicorn in a world of sad sack Eeyore s or am I a supporter of all women without judging them I believe there s an

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cliche about you don t see people s struggles online because they put on a face for the world around them that she forgot to include here In short this book wasn t for me but it could help other women specially if they want to get their MLM off the ground This is MLMpyramid scheme garbage with a fancy veneer I hate to think of all the people in Lindsay s downline who lost money on YoungLiving because they bought into this lie She s also really cagey about the fact that she was a YoungLiving rep and doesn t The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs even mention the company just that she soldssential oils After reading this I don t Moreno even know what her current business is Does she stil shill oils for YL Her website indicates she works as a business consultant maybe but it s all super vague and seems kinda shady to me This is a very good book if you want to start your own businessven if you still have no idea what type of business yet or if you already have your own business It has business savvy wisdom wit and a whole lot of authenticity all of which makes for an Monsieur Pain educational butntertaining book never boringIt is not however without flaws The introduction and the first chapter felt like a long introduction and I found myself wishing it would get to t Great intro book for female A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author entrepreneursAfter making millions sellingssential oils Lindsay Teague Moreno found her true passion in life was to inspire female What If entrepreneurs In her new book she takes the lesson she learned as a serialntrepreneur to share her 10 successful philosophies to help other mothers realize their dreams What I first fell in love with was her discussion on finding your thing and thinking long term She perfectly The Exhaustion Breakthrough explains how to figure out what. Lt to find fulfillment that changes you and your families for the better And it will help you break free of the hard and boring and allow you to have fun along the wayLindsay doesn’t just do this through commiserating but instead through giving you the tools for change Using the lessons she learned on her own path to success Lindsay shares real solid business principles with ten distinct success philosophies that you willncounter on the journey to ntrepreneurship such asTh. .
Boss Up!: This Ain’t Your Mama’s Business Book