PDF (Raining Cats Dogs A Melanie Travis Mystery)

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Raining Cats Dogs A Melanie Travis MysteryMembers But their first visit ends in tragedy when a atient is found suffocated in her bed Melanie now has a reputation of being a sleuth and the woman s relative asks for her help I really enjoy the Melanie Travis mysteries especially watching the evolution of the main characters Enjoyable book For dog lovers and mystery lovers alike Melanie has a houseful of oodles and a kid and a husband all of them content cramped This book looks at obedience classes and when someone dies as Peg Melanie s aunt starts investigating and asks Melanie to find answers Meanwhile a new neighbour makes a habit of letting her cats out and calling them wearing a skimpy nightie The tale is okay but not the most enjoyable of the series while I think Susan Conant makes fun most enjoyable of the series while I think Susan Conant makes fun obedience classes her character Holly Winter bravely trying it with malamutes instead of País íntim poodles This is an unbiased review Rating 35 out of 5 starsI enjoyed this book in the series even though it wasn t my favorite It had dogs obedience school and a new neighbor who doesn Dogs and a murder mystery What s not to love The Melanie Travis Mystery Series is the kind of read I m looking for when I m in the mood for cozyThis time Melanie Travis takes her beloved Standard Poodle Faith to an advanced obedience group that schedules weekly visits to a local nursing home torovide some dog therapy to the elderly residents On her very first visit Melanie discovers a resident has been murdered and th. Enue Obedience Club looks like fun even if there are enough sexual and Under Lock and Key political undercurrents in the group toower a small generator Melanie is especially eager to bring Faith to the rogram at the Winston Pumpernill Nursing Home Club member Paul Lennox initiated the outings to lease his Great Aunt Mary and since many of the other residents are also dog lovers the trips are now a tr. ,

E sleuthing begins amid a variety OF OTHER DIVERSIONS THAT ONLY LIFE other diversions that only life a arent newlywed and homeowner can Velvet Ropes (Club Undercover provideIt was such a fun mystery I ll be reaching for another one in the series soon Raining Cats and Dogs by Laurien Berenson is a murder mystery with some dog and cat stories tossed in which added some humor The main character has fiveoodles and a neighbor who has a bunch of cats Her Freud and His Followers private life relating to her neighbor was the humorousart of the book She and her oodle went to a dog obedience class which invited her to join them on their visit to the nursing home Although they weren t therapy dogs exactly many of
the residents enjoyed 
residents enjoyed the dogs I was interested in this aspect of the book because it s something I would like to do with Abby some day The murder was committed while they were at the nursing home and the Poodle owner is the one who just started her own informal investigation and discovered who did it The highlight of the book for me w This one takes lace in the spring It involves dog training a retirement home cats a house swap family drama and theft The family drama did not involve Melanie and her family but the house swap did The family issues were in all but the cats and house swap arts of the story which were connected to each other It was interesting to see it all come together I didn t trust the culprit but I didn t think that erson was guilty There were no dog shows in this story which was a bit disappointin. Easured traditionMelanie and Faith are warmly welcomed at the home but their very first visit ends in tragedy when Aunt Mary is found suffocated in her bed There's no shortage of suspects from the wealthy victim's ne'er do well son to the staff to the secret laden club members themselves there's motive and opportunity aplenty All Melanie has to do is follow the trail and watch her back.