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To read The Pearl Thief Fiona "McIntosh And To Some Of The "and to revisit some of the I ve been to and discover new ones along the way This is a very special book for me as my father was born in Prague I now this book is meant to be commercial fiction easy to read a Christmas present made to make money but one thing it rarely is is engagingI struggled to finish this even in the audiobook version The story is just meh overly dramatic and predictable There are interminable passages Of Characters Providing Fun characters providing fun about history and places like the author shouting in your face See I do my research The characters also spend a lot of time justifying themselves to each other and explaining things about the story All this made the book uite boring and tedious at times In the end it is what it s meant to be a mediocre generic novel with a ton of marketing to support itI d tell anyone not to bother even if you re looking for a light entertaining read for your commute there are so much better commercial Antiue jewellery was Severine Kassel s forte so when her colleagues showed her some jewellery which had been loaned to the Museum they reuested her expertise on the pearls But Severine s normally controlled demeanor cracked when she saw what was in front of her and her horrific past came rushing back The horrors Severine had buried for twenty years. Ish Museum she shocks everyone by claiming they belong to her family Her revelation sets off a frenzied pursuit of former Nazi Ruda Mayek with an ex Mossad agent coming out of retirement to join the searchBut the one person Severine was counting.

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Clawed at her she "needed to eep it But he was there Nazi Ruda Mayek was in every corner every thought She "to eep it But he was there Nazi Ruda Mayek was in every corner every thought She to find himDaniel Horrowitz had been an agent for Mossad now retired he was soon back in the fold when he discovered Severine Mossad were after the Nazi war criminal and with Severine s nowledge the hunt was on When Severine learned of the solicitor who was handling the pearls she thought he could help But Edward Summerbee was bound by client confidentiality and refused to help Severine She was determined to trace the man who had changed her life irrevocably and although running out of options she continued Would she find him Would she be able to confront her past and finally put it behind herSet in Prague Paris and Yorkshire from 1939 to 1963 The Pearl Thief by Aussie author Fiona McIntosh took my breath away Astounding brilliant heartbreakingly poignant I loved this amazing novel 500 pages long with everything I have This is my favourite novel so far this year for a long while actually The broken woman who was the main character was flawlessly crafted the accompanying characters perfectly matched The obvious research done by McIntosh is something she brings to all her novels and it pays off with the class and brilliance that is The Pearl Thief To all fans of historical fiction I recommend this novel highly. On to help the solicitor handling the sale of the pearls is bound by client confidentiality As Severine follows Mayek's trail the tightly controlled life she's built around herself is shattered Will her own carefully guarded secrets be revealed. The Pearl ThiefA surprisingly uick read considering the size of the novel but one I can understand is going to appeal to a broad sweep of historical fiction readersSet in the 1960 The Pearl Thief by Fiona McIntosh is an intense detailed read emotional and confronting at timesThe story begins in the cobblestoned streets of Prague within sight of The Prague Orloj The #ASTRONOMICAL CLOCK IN THE TOWN HALL SUARE AND THEN # Clock in The Town Hall Suare and then onto forest woodlands where something uite unforeseen occurs which will change the lives of some foreverThis is historical fiction at its finest with a touch of espionage and details how life changed when Hitler s Nazis invaded CzechoslovakiaKindertransport made an escape possible for some of the children of Prague by train to the safety of LondonThis is Katerina s story of survival revenge and her sighting of the pearlsThis is not just a story about any pearls but about many exuisite ornate and historical pearls and jewelsCan you guess who stole the pearlsIs it possible to regain your life and take control after a traumatic eventCan we ever find a love so pure under the dark shadows that lurk behind or may follow usThere is light at the end of the tunnel where church bells chime and a touch of Christmas unfolds for a time of joy and laughterLearn how to find the difference between a real pearl and a fake oneIt was a great joy. A sweeping epic story of love and betrayal from international bestselling author Fiona McIntosh perfect for "fans of Dinah Jefferies and Natasha LesterWhen Severine Kassel is asked to authenticate some exuisite Byzantine pearls loaned to the Brit. "of Dinah Jefferies and Natasha LesterWhen Severine Kassel is asked to authenticate some exuisite Byzantine pearls loaned to the Brit. ,
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