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Arning feel like a normal part of the story Plus Iris passion for all of this is infectious I was rooting for her to communicate with Blue 55 right from the start and you couldn t have pulled this book away from me if you triedI could gush on and on about the familial relationships in this book or the way that it deals so perfectly with the loss of a loved one but it would take many paragraphs than you d want to read The fact of the matter is that this is both a gorgeous and important story I thought the ending was a little bit out there but I had to remind myself that my middle grade self would have LOVED it It s sweet and Iris definitely deserved a happily ever afterRead this Put it into the hands of all the budding readers that you know They re going to love Song For A Whale and so are you I feel like I ve been talking a lot lately about craving middle grade and how good and nderappreciated middle grade is I came across a thread on Twitter a few days ago about why people like YA and making a distinction between adult and YA because it generally deals with serious issues with sense of hope I think this is even true of middle grade stories and while some may take a saccharine route many if not most strip issues back to an nltimately #honest core without sacrificing hope which is no easy feat Lynne Kelly s Song for a Whale is #core without sacrificing hope which is no easy feat Lynne Kelly s Song for a Whale is good example of thatSong for a Whale hits a lot of right notes succinctly capturing the frustrations and beauties of Iris world layered with a touch of adventure and coming of age And Built On The Bones built on the bones a heartfelt family story Iris is a dynamic protagonist realistically flawed and lovely she s got a thread of irritation and anger in her an nders 4 12 stars In most ways I loved this book but I couldn t Essential Business Networking uite give it 5 stars because of the point of view of the whaleother whales too I couldn tite suspend disbelief and all the way through once I hit page 76 I was eager to read the author s notes at the end While they were excellent informative and interesting I still couldn t He Taught Me to Hope (Darcy and the Young Knights Quest uite accept one aspect of the story the fictional whale parts even though I sort of adored that part of the story too It s just that the rest was such amazingly good realistic fiction and I found thenrealistic portions kind of jarring however moving and fun The writing is lovely The illustrations are lovely I loved the main Ius But she's the only deaf person in her school so people often treat her like she's not very smart If you've ever felt like no one was listening to you then you know how hard that can beWhen she learns about Blue .
Haracter and story s narrator Iris I also especially enjoyed

grandmother I loved how she What a hoot she was This is a great granddaughter grandmother relationship I also enjoyed so many other characters too including Bennie Sura Iris s mother father and brother Wendell and his family and some of Iris s teachers and classmates The family and friend and school relationships were portrayed well This book has so much going for it There is ample humor throughout and I thoroughly enjoyed it But I felt sad a lot of the time I was reading it The book is about communication and the lack of it and about deep and cutting loneliness I felt sad for the whale and then felt even sadder when I realized that Iris isn t even as fluent in ASL and she could be though I correctly knew what that was going There are interesting inclusions about Deaf culture There is a lot of suspense that was both entertaining and excruciating I love how Iris is skilled in electronics radios and other devices #too I love the whales I love the Alaska cruise portions #I love the whales I love the Alaska cruise portions only cruise I ve taken as an adult was to Alaska in 1983 so it was fun to be back there with some common experiences I m happy for Iris and I guess I m supposed to feel happy for the whale too but I felt only partial solaceI did kind of love this book but it s 4 12 not 5 stars for me rounded down despite the author s explanation This would have probably been a favorite 5 star book for me at ages 9 12 and that s the target audience for this book I Think What Bothered Me Now Might Not what bothered me now might not bothered me back then The author s notes at the end were wonderful and in my opinion needed inclusions I ve always loved whales and it pains me that I couldn t Knights of the Hill Country uite accept portions of the story As I read I wasn tite sure about how to take the whales voices thoughts feelings and that kind of took me out of the story just a bit I couldn t wait to read the author s notes but I didn t want spoilers so I waited A House Built out of Stone until I d finished the book Perhaps I should have read everything in the back when I got to page 76 of the hardcover edition I don t think the story would have been spoiled for me but I didn t know that I wanted to know about whales and how realisticunrealistic things were what was fantasy that either worked or notI did really really like this book and I will definitely read other books by this author. 5 a real whale who isnable to speak to other whales Iris nderstands how he must feel Then she has an idea she should invent a way to sing to him But he's three thousand miles away How will she play her song for hi. .

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Song for a WhaleInteresting premise a deaf 12 year old girl learns of the plight of a bi species whale who cannot communicate with others because its song is at a different freuency Iris comes p with a great idea to send a song at 55 dB While Iris is determined to help she is also very self centered and does not seem to care much for anyone else except herself She decides to head to Alaska on her own to see the whale eventually teaming p with her grandmother who is adrift having recently lost Her Husband Of Many husband of many I liked Iris befriending the daughter of the marine biologist scientist on the cruise ship What a lovely and heartfelt story based on true events bringing light to the deaf community Middle grade is so nder appreciated Loved this I ve written then deleted at least four different versions of this review so far Sometimes you pick p a story and it s so poignant so important that it s really hard to write anything resembling a coherent review That #s this book right here Lynne Kelly has created something magical with Iris #this book right here Lynne Kelly has created something magical with Iris It s not just the fact that she s a character who represents the Deaf community It s not just the sweet way that she ties her passion for radios into communicating with someone who is just as lost as she is in a sea of others What makes this book special is how simply it shows how important connections are To others to yourself to the world I teared p while reading this book and trust me you re probably going to as wellI wanted to give love First And Foremost To and foremost to as a protagonist You can absolutely tell that Kelly did her research because Iris is precisely what readers from the Deaf community would be looking for in a character Her inability to hear doesn t define her but it does kind of set her apart in the world that she is attempting to navigate as a young person She does a lot of growing from the start of the book but my favorite part was watching her learn that she wasn t the only one who felt that way I won t spoil but there s a lot in this book about accepting others and especially appreciating their efforts to learnThe scientific portion of this story or the portion that had to do with the ever amazing Blue 55 was also beautifully executed Learning about whale songs right alongside Iris made me smile Kelly peppers in things like whale spout shapes and fluke shapes all the while making the le. The story of a deaf girl's connection to a whale whose song can't be heard by his species and the journey she takes to help himFrom fixing the class computer to repairing old radios twelve year old Iris is a tech gen.