EBOOK FREE (The Epic Adventures of Huggie Stick) by Drew Daywalt

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The Epic Adventures of Huggie StickWhen Huggie and Stick fall From An Open Zipper From an open zipper from s backpack and due to the accidental bump On The Sidewalk The Adventure the sidewalk the adventure their ives takes them around the world As this story unfolds it is told from two different perspectives it is filled with gleeful joy or a pessimistic nightmare Read and decide for yourself Not exactly my cup of tea here but I think young readers will enjoy it The traditional odd couple here takes the form of a stick and a stuffed animal here
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do ike diaryletter writing element and I think the idea found here presenting two varying accountperspectives of the same events would make for an excellent classroom tool to talk about perspective opinion and bias with kidsThanks to Penguin Young Readers for the review copy 3 12 starsGreat for older readers think some of this would be Eagle's Gate lost on the younger crowd Got to say at the start I was super not sure about this as there is a LOT going on the pages are SUPER busy but the humor crept up on me plus it has a page of pirates so I am bumping it up half a star I really enjoyed the contrasting viewpoints theittle asides and the snarkiness kept me going all the way to the end though I groaned at the ending 35 stars Laugh out World War Z. La guerra mondiale degli zombi loud diary entries from two perspectives From the cover you can see optimistic Stick and his grumpy pessimist friend Huggie Some of the humor will be appreciated by older kids andost on the younger There will no doubt also be some adults who find some of the humor inappropriate while ki. When super cheerful Stick and grumpy stuffed bunny Huggie get thrown from a backpack the adventure is on Together this odd couple survives encounters with sea farin. Ds are aughing about Huggie s butt Pirates pandas piranhas and make ife difficult for Huggie and a grand adventure for Stick The artwork is bold and colorful Great book "To Talk About Perspective But "talk about perspective but would explore the continents further Kids can imagine further epic adventures of Huggie and Stick as they find themselves once again adrift at the end of the book This is a very strange and bitingly humorous story of two beloved possessions who get ost and go on an adventure around the worldI found the book at our Don't Worry, Eat Cake: A Coloring Book to Help You Feel a Little Bit Better about Everything localibrary and was intrigued by the title and cover illustration The pictures are very colorful and cartoonish created using pen and ink and Adobe PhotoshopPerhaps it s just me but I was disappointed that two of the picture books I read today contain mean andor disparaging narrativedialogue I find this very disconcerting Am I being too sensitive and not fully appreciating the acerbic wit and sarcasm Does this make me a heaven forbid Snowflake Or is this indicative of society s willingness to throw shade at any given moment I understand the charm of the story is centered on the extreme polar oppos As an adult reader I was bored And Didn T Finish This didn t finish this story of a stick and a grumpy stuffed animal on an absurd global adventure Younger readers may find it funny I was too busy wondering when they had time to write their diaries The Epic Adventures of Huggie Stick by Drew Daywalt illustrated by David Spencer Philomel Penguin 2018 18 9780399172762BUYING ADVISORY Pre K G pirates raging rhinos in Africa sword wielding royalty in Europe stick eating panda bears in Asia sharks in Australia hungry penguins in Antarctica and piranhas ,


L K 3 EL ESSENTIALAUDIENCE APPEAL HIGHStickie and Huggie are usually in Reece S Backpack But s backpack but day they fall out or maybe Huggie pushed Stick and got pulled along now they need to find their way back to Reece Will they have to travel all the way around the world to find himWhat a great esson on point of view Stickie is the eternal optimist and Huggie plays the role of pessimist Each of them tells each stage of the journey through their ens Plus it is a super adorable book about ost toys Cindy Middle School Librarian MLShttpskissthebookjrblogspotcom20 Holy cow this book is hilarious If you A Secret Kept loved The Day the Crayons uit you willove Huggie Stick So darn funny I was snorting while reading this book One of my favorites So wanted to ike this book The illustrations are very angry Perhaps it was meant as funny but that is not the impression I got Now et s give you a spoiler alertDear Diary There s a stick up my butt I hate my ife Yes that is in a picture book for children This is one you decide It not for me or for me to recommend What a hilarious book This is the best Drew Daywalt book I read I found myself aughing out The Ancient Greeks: Ten Ways They Shaped the Modern World loud as I read this book The illustrations are just as entertaining as the text as this duo takes uite an adventure togetherI m not sure who Iike better in this book Huggie or Stick Huggie and Stick spend most of their day in the backpack of Reese a Tricycle (HISTOIRE) little boy as he goes about his day One day the pair find themselves falling out of Reese s backpack and the. N South America all before finally making it home to North America A fantastically funny read aloud about two unlikely friends and their epic journey around the wor.

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