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Ng to me was the best part of the whole story It made up or a lot of the way the book was written and the obscurity of the up and coming made up or a lot of the way the book was written and the obscurity of the up and coming romance Plus they set up a possible second bookThe authors did do a great job in creating interesting and up a possible second bookThe authors did do a great job in creating interesting and characters that you want as your BFF s They all had a wonderful role in the book that made it engaging and hard to put down Plus the book is written in irst person which makes it a very personal story with a uniue perspective The writers included a lot of humor and eeling into the story that make and eeling into the story that make a stand out that you won t soon Frost at Midnight forgetOverall this book was very well written with great characters and a witty plot We all had that rock star crush at one time or another in our lives This book is today s version targeted to the current culture of the big city 20 somethings Perfector that lazy weekend or beach read I ve been in a bit of an overall life slump and looking Princess Baby, Night-Night for somethingun and different to read so I picked this off Netgalley The weird confusing cover is doing this book NO The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post favors at all no this is not a gender bending remake of the 80s movie Manneuin inside is actually a cute and engaging piece of romantic chick lit Iound it in the New Adult section where the cover stands out like a sore thumb amidst all the naked tattooed abs but there s not a player or a virgin or a whiff of angst in sight it really reads to me like classic 90s chick litRose is a twenty something in Manhattan trying to move up the ranks at her PR Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution firm Rose s boss can t make a meeting about how to boost thelagging career of British singer songwriter Archie Fox so Rose is told to sit in take notes and keep her mouth shut But when a male colleague s horrible proposals start to tank the meeting Rose blurts out her own idea a On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock fauxmance between Archie and an up and coming indie singerArchie not only approves theauxmance idea he asks Rose to act as his handler during it despite the act that her irm thinks she s too junior or the job And of course as Rose is masterminding every romantic detail of Archie s new relationship she s alling hard Nini for him herselfI ve always had a weirdascination with celebrity I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) fauxmances but usually books about them have the pretending to be coupleall Flight, Vol. 7 for each other so I liked that this book gave things a new twist I m not usually the biggestan of love with a celebrity stories but this one won me overRose was a really great main character and as a ormer twenty something who s lived the non glamorous life in Manhattan I thought the book really got all the small details right I ll admit that this book did take a while to get going Weirdly my very avorite parst of the book were 1 learning how auxmances work rom behind the scenes and 2 all the PR stuff I was Camp Rex fascinated by the way Rose tracked the success of theauxmance on Twitter and InstagramThe romance was sweet and very very very slow burn If you read NA or the steamy romance this is way PG and may not be or you But definitely check this one out if you re a auxmance an like me or just looking When Dads Don't Grow Up for a cute romanceOkay so Rebecca The Book Lover s Goodreads review has pointed out Archie s eerie similarity to Harry Styles Whom I know next to nothing about So that s seriously weird and may cause me to reconsider my opinion Read of my reviews on YA Romantics orollow me on Bloglovin The FTC would like you to know that the publisher provided me a Miles from Kara free advance copy of this book thatree books can be enjoyable or not and other readers may disagree with my opinion This would make THE BEST movie. R But do late night texts and impromptu burrito binges mean he Pee Wee Scouts treasury (Pee Wee Scouts, feels the same In the end Rose will have to decide whether to let herantasy crush go or to risk her reputation to be with the charming handsome scoundrel y but sweet pop star she's grown to love. .
Takes the reins and handles a PR stunt or their company s hot new client musician Archie Fox The stunt A ake relationship between Archie AND UP AND COMING SINGER RAYA up and coming singer Raya life is now illed with constant social media listening tips to a trusted paparazzi and plans or her client s High Heat future dates All the while taking a dip in the dating poolHandling the job isn t hardor Rose but ignoring her eelings or the man who was too charming or his own good Now that s a different storyObviously someone plans the ake relationships in ictional and real celebrity aux mances BUT WE SEE WHAT IT we rarely what it like A treatise on the law of marital rights in Texas for them As someone who works in a similar arena as Rose I really enjoyed reading about what goes on behind the scenes I could relate to her so much and enjoyed her interactions with her bestriend and workmatesI wasn t too sure about Archie For me he seemed like a cardboard cut out version of Harry Styles Don t get me wrong I love the man and was a an of One Direction but I don t know He s an English pop star with a penchant or silk shirts ripped skinny jeans and boots And there was a part where his tattoos were described There was a mention of a pair of birds across his chest Archie s character seemed two dimensional Or maybe I just didn t see enough of him to know who he really isI still love you HarryMost of the story was about Rose s life in PR Because of that some of the parts Lots of Hearts felt dragging I also think that because of that there wasn t enough time to expose the readers to the blooming romance between Rose and Archie I loved each interaction between the two but there wasn t enough to establish a real connection between themI think this book is woman siction or chick lit than romance and would recommend it as such From what I ve read it was about Rose s life as a 20 something trying to balance life inside and outside work a career in PR she genuinely enjoys and is good at and an awkward and sometimes painful attempt at inding love in Tinder Public Relations is a novel told in the heroine s perspective It s uniue relatable and very millennial I think Harry Styles ans slow burn lovers and Young and New Adult readers will enjoy this light and Why Diets Make Us Fat: The Unintended Consequences of Our Obsession with Weight Loss fresh novel ARC received in exchangeor an honest review Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram This is a Don't Hex with Texas fun and uirky novel about the life and times of an upcoming PR rep I enjoyed the interaction between her and her bestriend unny and so relateable As well as the inter office relationships Very true to life In act I have seen some of these issues myself The authors did a great job setting up the uniue and interesting characters so in that aspect it was a pleasurable and in depth discoveryBut being a midlife wife the story lands very Black Women Writers (1950-1980): A Critical Evaluation far into the YA young adult category A lot of music references and conversations that is decidedly YA Multiple references of social media stalking shhhh it s part of the job tracking information interacting with the younger crowd Very much a millennial readThis wasine Pajama Party for me I understood it because I work in this arena Howeveror someone of my age group or someone who is not involved online this could be difficult Bunco Babes Tell All factor to relate to how it works in the storyThe authors were also leading up to a potential love match in a very subtle way Theirst half of the book was really mainly about the life and times of the PR rep It wasn t until you were uite Every Day by the Sun: A Memoir of the Faulkners of Mississippi far into the story that you understood a crush was occurring And then you didn t know if it was reciprocated or not But stringing us along is not necessarily a bad thingThe last uarter and the endi. And coming young indie star Raya He'll do it but only if Rose becomes his publicist As theaux mance begins to rehabilitate Archie's altering career Rose inds his herself having unexpected inconvenient and definitely unprofessional eelings or the croone. This was the perfect dose of Harry Styles ic that I needed in my life and I m obsessed SO CUTE This book is exactly what you would expect Close to Hugh from two authors who workor Buzzfeed There were some good moments in the book but they don t happen until at least 70% into the book Up until then the book is slow and the characters are boring I enjoyed reading about Rose s relationship with her boss but her relationship with her best Women and Self Esteem friendell Toy to Toy (Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3) flator me Her relationship with Archie was un to read but they don t actually get together until about 80% into the book One of my complaints is that Rose S Second Love Interest Is An Attractive 36 Year Old second love interest is an attractive 36 year old using Tinder to ind a relationship If that is how Tinder is actually used then I have been grievously misinformed The number of pop culture references were also a little much Now onto my main criticism of the book Archie is Harry Styles Someone who isn t a an of One Direction may miss this but it was something I couldn t look past Allow me to list out some things that Archie and Harry have in common 1 British 2 pop singer 3 long hair usually pulled up into a bun 4 two identical bird tattoos on chest 5 heart tattoo on shoulder 6 wears sparkly ankle boots 7 wears a lamingo shirt 8 dated an older woman at the beginning of his career One or two I could ve looked past but it began to become unbearable towards the endIf you are looking Catch and Release: Trout Fishing and the Meaning of Life for some easy to read chick lit oranfiction then Public Relations may be or you but I wouldn t risk the timeAnd in case you didn t believe meFlamingosTattoosMy Instagram Blog It was interesting to read a book in the profession I m studying I really enjoyed how it didn t act like it ll be easy However it was a new adult contemporary and I did eel it dragged in some places It was enjoyable though and the writing was Road Map to Holland: How I Found My Way Through My Son's First Two Years with Down Syndrome funnyNoull review to come I loved this synopsis and even though the cover is sort of off putting I couldn t wait to get into this story I really liked these characters Rose is smart and savvy and honestly a good person She s polite and or the most part has a great inner monologue Of course Archie was adorable and blatantly based on Harry Styles The two of them had chemistry and excellent banter I wish the authors would have relied on that to carry the story For me the downside to this story was the pages and pages and paaaaaaaages of text without dialogue It was a lot of telling instead of showing and I ound myself skipping passages here and there because I was bored I did enjoy seeing the other side of the machine so to speak and it did have a satisfying ending Overall it was a uick and Fashion Faux Paw fairly enjoyable read Huge thanks to Grand Central Publishingor providing the arc Pillars of Light free of charge 45 starsPublic Relations is aun beach read I thoroughly enjoyed the story line and the characters Rose Reed is a abulous protagonist and I loved reading about all of the behind the scenes shenanigans and use of social media to promote young actors and singers careers I highly recommend this or anyone looking Solibo Magnificent for a light highly entertaining read I enjoyed the hell out of this 35 starsReview at Of Pens and PagesI loveake relationship stories especially the ones that involve at least one celebrity Public Relations took a whole new take on the aux mance trope Instead of involve at least one celebrity Public Relations took a whole new take on the aux mance trope Instead of couple New People falling in love while being in aake relationship the romance blooms between the client and the publicist In this case we have English pop star Archie Fox and PR extraordinaire Rose Reed It was a breath of resh airFor the irst time in her PR career Rose Reed. Young PR star Rose Reed is thrown into the big leagues when her boss leaves town the day of the Driving Hungry: A Memoir firm's meeting with Archie Fox a young hot internationallyamous British singer songwriter The meeting is going badly until Rose suggests a staged romance with up. Public Relations