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To irritate the hell out of me and I don t feel

when I don t review that affected me Warning THERE WILL BE SPOILERS The Bad Characters Where do I even start I hated Tish with a burning passion And no it s not because I can relate to Claire or for any other sanctimonious personal reason I hated her because she was a lying inconsiderate fuck who didn t deserve a good husband or any of the luxuries she got in the book I hated her because she had the audacity to show up at the funeral of a man *SHE HAD AN AFFAIR WITH WHILE DITCHING HER POOR *had an affair with while ditching her poor for her self centered ass I hated her because she willingly fucked another woman s husbanda woman who offered her kindness when she was being whiny a woman she had met and looked in the fucking face then had an affair with her husband God the nerve I also didn t buy that the reason she didn t tell Claire the truth about the affair is because she promised to keep it a secret for Jeff She was saving her own ass because she s the kind of person who loves to eat their cake and have it I mean Why ruin the stable home she has when she can fuck up someone else s life with no conseuences It s the perfect turn out for a gutless liar Then there s Jeff Spineless asshole Nothing remotely interesting about him Claire She was the only tolerable character I didn t want to drop kick The fact that she didn t end up In some ways Catherine McKenzie s fourth novel HIDDEN resembles a mystery It s a story about a relationship triangle between Jeff the husband whose unexpected death tears out the hearts of two women his wife Claire and Tish the co worker with whom he had an intense bond but what exactly was its natureIn HIDDEN the mystery is not who dunnit but why and even what did they do exactly One result is that like a suspenseful mystery it s a compulsive page turner McKenzie handles the three very different voices with skill and empathy and by the time we reach the conclusion we understand the whats and the whys The ending like life is messy revealing three flawed characters trying to do their best and not always succeeding and I have a feeling that some readers may be upset by certain aspects of it For me though the messiness is both true to life and true to the story I love the complexity and growth that McKenzie demonstrates with HIDDEN and I can t wait to read her next one Hidden is my first novel by Catherine McKenzie It was thought provoking and well writtenJeff Manning is suddenly killed and leaves two women devastated One his wife Claire who is left to struggle with this unimaginable loss and the other Jeff s co worker Tish who not only has to hide her grief but is faced with hiding her secret before anyone discovers itNarrated by three different characters at times I was confused as to who was speaking Other than that I truly felt connected to the characters and experienced their emotions along with them The epilogue is a surprise that is not only tender but satisfying and memorableI thoroughly enjoyed this novel full of life lessons and hope to read of this author s work This is not REALLY a spoiler review but it s an opinion heavy review in which spoilers maaaay be read from between the lines maybe I would not call it a spoiler review but if you want to go into this one COMPLETELY green then you may want to skip this review ust to be on the safe sideThis is a tough one to rate I kept waiting for the moment when all hell would break loose but it ust wasn t a hell breaking loose kind of book Everything kind of rolled leisurely to light However it did keep my interest throughout The characters of Jeff and Tish were very immature and shallow in all their love talk which was not love at all but lust and boredom I HOPE that the author was intending to portray them as immature and shallow and NOT trying to drum up sympathy for this adulterous duo with their talk of love and connection and all that The cheating was born pretty much out of boredom as both parties had it pretty good at home I felt like the author was rather sympathetic towards Tish the mistress I don t know if this was a deliberate techniue to force the reader to think against such a tone or what but I ust did not like this Tish gal and thought she was selfish selfish selfish And really I didn t expect much better from Jeff the front runner for most immature man in the world until he got hit by a car in the first 5% of the book Really all this can be gleaned from the first 20 pages I won t even get into the ending which I have a BIG opinion about Props to whoever was in charge of cover design on this one A pretty clever cover Clever title as well. Sie weiß wie groß das Risiko ist das sie damit auf sich nimmt Tatsächlich wird Claire auf sie aufmerksam Sie spürt dass da etwas ist und fragt sich was diese Frau mit ihrem Mann zu tun hat.

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I was so disappointed by this BOOK I LOVED MCKENZIE S FIRST I Loved McKenzie S First Books McKenzie s first books read it despite thinking that the concept seemed a little boring and done compared to her previous novels Man dies wife and mysterious other woman left in his wake I figured in McKenzie s hands this tired concept would take on new life It did notWhat I found unforgivable was how completely indistinct the three narrators are She tells each character s part of the story with identical voices Sometimes it took me a page to figure out who s voice we were hearing And that s even considering one was maleFollowing from that I found the two women interchangeable Oh one has a son and one has a daughter One plays piano and the otherzzzThese touchstones were the only way to tell them apart Neither had any life spark distinct ualities I d pick up the book after a day off and not be able to remember anything about the character or which was which There wasn t even enough description for me to create an image of either in my head or what their homes were like As a result I found myself disengaged and not caring what happened to themThis is essentially a book where nothing happens Which can be fine and even shocking when enough suspense is built up and you think something huge has happened Here it was Naked Choke just like oh nothing really happened Yeah I saw that coming I appreciate that in real life not all affairs are searing Hollywood dramas and I appreciate an author taking one like this on But thereust wasn t enough buildup or I Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good just didn t care enough about the characters The one thing I really likedand wished there was of was how McKenzie explores the debatable perspective that sometimes it s better not to know but how impossible it is to stop yourself from looking anywayI really really hope McKenzie s next is better and I will keep reading based on her first three Hidden by Catherine McKenzie is a Lake Union publishing 2014 release Claire and Jeff have a pretty good marriage up until Claire has an unplanned pregnancy and a miscarriage which sends her into a tailspin She makes some pretty drastic changes in her life and her marriage begins to slip away bit by bit But things had gotten back on a eual footing until Jeff is killed in an accident and a young woman he worked with attends his funeral leaving Claire with an uneasy feelingThe story takes us back to Claire and Jeff s beginning Claire and Jeff s brother Tim had been a hot item until obligations separated them With Tim out of the picture Claire and Jeff begin dating fall in love marryand have a son We hear this part of the story mainly from Jeff s point of view We are also given Clarie s perspective and Tish s perpective as the story unfolds Jeff never uite got past Claire s past relationship with Tim He always had a deeply rooted suspicion that things were never completely resolved between them When Claire begins to have trouble emotionally after her miscarriage It s Tim not Jeff who sees that Claire is not doing well By the time Jeff wakes up to his wife s issues he is at a loss as to how to make things better Then Jeff meets Tish She is married to a doctor and has a young daughter She and Jeff are both avid golfers and there is an attraction between them Both of them know full well they are playing with fire but theyust go right on flirting with disaster Tish and Jeff explain their relationship as it evolved the decisions they *made and why they made them It is so easy to see how people can find themselves *and why they made them It is so easy to see how people can find themselves a vulnerable place in their lives meet someone that is so alive fun and unburdened with your circumstances and before long each person is tempted to escape Not to sound preachy but as adults we should know this is a fantasy The grass in not greener on the other side Sooner or later every relationship becomes burdened with reality This is why they tell you for better or worse in sickness and in health and all the rest of it It s not all peachy every day Money problems ob pressures health children and so on will take our time and sometimes our very essense Marriage is hard work even at the best of timesBut when hardships surface a marriage can face even adversity giving it a true measure of its strength Toss in Jeff s aloofness or tone deafness and Tim s sensitivity towards Claire and old ealousies come to the surface complicating an already tense sitution But the real uestion here is whether or not the old adage of What you don t know can t hurt you is really true Even after all the information is presented I couldn t completely sort out my feelings Part of me is mad part of me is relieved Adultery is a touchy subject very emotional an. Als Jeff überfahren wird und stirbt fällt das Leben seiner Frau Claire in sich zusammen Sie hat keine Zeit für Trauer und muss ihren Sohn auffangen das Begräbnis arrangieren mit wohlwollend. D certainly raises the tension Level I Was Turning Pages I
turning pages fast as possible *At The End Of The *the end of the any story bold enough to wade into the murky waters of infidelity nearly always comes off as a cautionary tale Read this book and you ll see it is no exception to that rule Very thought provoking and utterly absorbing 4 stars 45 stars One minute doesn t erase a thousand From the first chapter of Hidden I was hooked Catherine McKenzie s writing grabbed me held on tight and made me wonder all along did it really happen Did Tish and Jeff betray Brian and Claire Infidelity isn t an easy thing to read about but this story was so well written emotional and thought provoking Naturally Claire is devastated when she unexpectedly loses her husband Jeff With the help of her family she tries to pull things together the best she can for their son But it s rough Especially as pieces of Jeff s life start to unravel and suspicion starts niggling away and consuming her thoughts I don t need my heart any you can have it Claire isn t the only woman broken over the loss of Jeff Tish and Jeff were work colleagues living in different states but communicating through email and video conferences What started off as ust a work training turned into a flirty and emotional connection One that made them both uestion their current relationships Tish has a husband of her own and a daughter but there s something about her that feels unsettled This is going to sound strange but do you ever wish you could do your life over again As of the story unfolds it comes out that Claire and Jeff didn t have the perfect marriage There were past mistakes and hurt like any relationship Claire starts to uestion Jeff and make assumptions It takes Tim the one person that s always been a wedge between her and Jeff to see what s been right in front of her all along They both made mistakes but in the end chose each other Isn t that all that should matterI love love love how this story unfolded With pieces of the past and the present being thrown at us from the alternating POVs of Claire the wife Jeff the husband and Tish the other woman I m not exaggerating when I say I couldn t put this book down It s the first book I ve read from this author and her writing was engaging and flowed so perfectly I don t want to give anything away but the epiloguewow It was epic Changed everything455 FangsMrs Leif s Two Fangs About It Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review My new book coming in June 35 starsMontreal writer Catherine McKenzie tells a great yarn and Hidden is no exception Although I had an inkling about what would be the big revelation I couldn t turn away from the pages and felt the book was highly intriguing Despite the fact that the story is a slowburn the three person narrative of the husband wife and a female friend that might have been kept me turning the pages When it comes to cheating there are varying opinions on whether you should break your partner s heart by coming clean or keep it to yourself and allow guilt to be your isolating punishment I say it depends Is cheating a chronic issue for you That needs to be discussed Have you put your partner at risk of an STD That absolutely needs to be discussed Other than that Just don t At least don t if the only reason is to relieve yourself of guilt because that makes you an sshole You ve brought the person who chose you and only you down in a hole with you and only the very resilient ones get out intact True forgiveness is not a natural trait found easily these days In Hidden Catherine McKenzie shows how these choices look both externally and internally and various forms of infidelity were explored There s the physical crossing of boundaries obviously but there s also that tricky emotional infidelity which can be far destructive than a one time act I liked that Ms McKenzie explored this debate with such grace and thoroughness but I didn t find the book as a whole to be incredibly engaging ButI firmly believe this story was written to provoke thought and not necessarily for entertainment value and when you think you gain perspective and grow There is ALWAYS value in that Check it outMy favorite uote It s so easy even in this day of suspicion and privacy to find someone if they re not careful It s so easy to lose someone too It took me 3 days to decide to review this book for two big reasons 1 I liked it on some level and I didn t want to be harsh 2 I honestly don t enjoy offending people and in this case authors because writing a book is fucking hard That said I ust had to review this because 3 days later it still managed. En Familienmitgliedern umgehen Dann reist auch noch Jeffs Bruder an der zugleich ihr Exfreund istDoch auch eine andere Frau trauert Tish Jeffs Kollegin Sie nimmt an der Beerdigung teil aber nur. .
Hidden By Catherine McKenzie