A Club An Imposter And A Competition Deanna Oscar Paranormal Mystery #2 E–pub READ

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Atrina have affected all of them in some way and plays a major role in this storyDeanna is still struggling with her psychic abilities She continues to learn what she is capable of doing She finally meets a group of ladies with special abilities They aren t all psychic and I can see using some of these ladies in future stories They would be a great asset to DeannaHaving a sham psychic and a cult made for an interesting story Since so many people feel psychics and ghosts aren t real it was fun to watch the way Deanna went about proving she was the real deal and the other woman wasn tIf you njoy Mysteries Andor Stories This Is A Story You mysteries andor paranormal stories this is a story you to read It grabbed my attention and never let go It flows Gender Justice easily from scene to scene The characters are all interesting A very good book I read book 2 first whyNOLA is recovering from Katrina as are it s individuals Deanna has PhDs in psychology and parapsychology and a calling to help people She seesvents as they are about to happen among other things and has a good working relationship with NOPDShe also is relatively new to the city that her grandmother called home had similar gifts and left her a home in the Garden District And then there are her parents and brothers from her hometown near Chicago local friends and supporters a murder and a crazy rivalI started the Generations and Collective Memory ebook and was promptlynsnared It grabbed me by the imagination and made me keep reading until finished I loved it and will soon start on book on. E family wants her back in Chicago where it's safe De is determined to set down roots in the Big Easy Boring and average just isn't her style NOTE This book was previously published as I'm Okay You're A Fake It has been updated and revise. ,

I really love this series Deanna is learning so much about her gift as a psychic medium and trying to find murderers and stop deaths from happening In this bookher family comes to visitbut she is having a hard time with them around She begins to doubt her abilities I like where this book is going with its charactersbut I find Deanna to be a little rude and conceted In this onewhich I didn t care forbut that being saidI loved how things turned out towards the nd The real killer was a surprise Heading off to read the next book in this series now I really njoyed this bookI love seeing the characters old and new It was well written and interesting I love the ghost aspect Very good Really interesting series so far A super fun cozy mystery De and friends are back It is just post Katrina and De has put her new career on hold to help put New Orleans back together She has helped powers that be by pointing out the houses with folks that could be rescued and which could be put off till later The city is starting to come back and it is Deanna s birthday Jo throws a party De where De is ambushed by a nosy reporter and a fake psychic Jo throws a party for De where De is ambushed by a nosy reporter and a fake psychic her family has come down from Chicago Now she is in a competition with fake to find out who killed the owner of the Long and Big Easy drag club and trying to get her family to understand she wants to be where she is doing what she does I can t wait for future adventures with De and the gang Interesting and ntertainingI choose this Deanna Oscar Paranormal Mystery Book 2 Deanna Oscar and friends are back again having survived Hurricane Katrina what could go wrong now A murder a visit from her family and a fake psychic trying to manipulate the vulnerable citizens of Ook because I had read the first book of the series Deanna seems better but still has issues She is from Chicago and unfamiliar with Southern I would just like to know when biscuits became only southern food Overall I njoyed the book New Orleans is my favorite city and cc dragon does my favorite city and CC Dragon does proud Deanna is a bit abrupt and rude so I m hoping southern will rub off on her Her family is a hoot and I love Ivy her drag ueen friend Really ntertaining False prophets or the real dealTerrific Hurricane K had nothing on the visit by her family They are adamant that she gets rid of the mansion her new life of fighting crime and return to her old home However when a new psychic starts a following with disastrous results can she stop her fight to stop vil Wonderful read wi Deanna and friends are back in the 2nd book of this series This book is ntertaining as a fake psychic basically challenges De and then
tries to discredit 
to discredit Beware snakes are involved in this book and De can t shoot them this time Thoroughly njoyed reading this book Another good readLove seuel books Can t wait to start Book 3 Very Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) entertaining Enjoy the paranormal activities as well Pick up this set This is the second book in the Deanna Oscar Paranormal Mystery Series I thoroughlynjoyed this story just as much as I did Book 1 All the characters from the first story are back I m so glad because I love all of them A couple of new characters are introduced and they fit in perfectly The ffects of Hurricane Ew Orleans to name a few Add a nosy reporter who pits De against the imposter to solve the murder and De's life is as crazy as ver She does her best to avoid publicity while trying to solve the murder and keep her family out of danger Th. .

A Club An Imposter And A Competition Deanna Oscar Paranormal Mystery #2