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The Truth CommissionEr This story is clever and thoughtful and definitely not fluff I will definitely keep an ye on this author and recommend this book to fans of clever YA fictionFind reviews and bookish fun at Told as narrative non fiction Normandy Pale s story is about getting to the bottom of her famous graphic novelist sister s strange return home from college This is a funny at times out loud laughter and clever and yet deep and thoughtful look at relationships about the intricacies of families and about truth and creative truth telling Juby s book is about who gets to tell your story and how they get to spin it as well as what the implications of those things may be A seriously DELIGHTFUL read It might make some readers mad and it will leave many wanting to talk but that would nail home the point perfectly 45 starsThis had strong resonances with two of this year s Book Battle books made me think of another one a few times and I bet if I had time and will I could come up with connections The two were The Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy and The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone It s not a major leap with a somewhat unreliable narrator who s a teen in an art school and with uestions of how much integrity people will retain in the face of the lure of profit I really liked the voices of both Ethan Vigilante Poets and Normandy Truth Commission which takes care of a lot of feelings about a book right there But The Truth Commission kept on surprising me and one of those surprises was how absolutely wonderful the school the Green Pastures Academy of Art Applied Design was It s uirky and Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, exaggeratednough that it doesn t come across as simply idealized or sentimental but how fantastic is it to have a school with wonderful teachers fantastic student counselor and The First Ghost enough resources to stand up for students interests when they ve nobodylse Normandy s humour in describing it and herself and fellow art students also keeps it from being too much If there s one thing we learn at Green Pastures other than the fact that in some cases art can pay very well it s that there is help available to us if we get overwhelmed As art students we are presumed to have few practical life skills and to be less stable overall Casual observation would suggest that this is a safe assessment At GP students get upset over a ambition outstripping ability b lack of sleep c sexual and drug xperimentation done in an ffort to prove oneself talented Of course sex and drugs done strictly as an artistic affection are just as powerful as they are if you do them with the purpose of getting loaded It s a painful lesson that must be learned by very art student who assumes that if they wear ironic hats surely they should be able to have ironic sex and do ironic drugs As I said I also thought immediately of Addison Stone because there s a very talented young artist who gets than her fair share of special treatment because of her talent That is not normandy but rather her sister and not Normandy but rather her sister and crucial for me difference between the two books is that Juby shows how appalling the cost is to veryone when adults fail to hold the young artist accountable for her behaviour Norm s sister Keira is a graphic artist whose comics portray and xploit her family her parents and Normandy shown in grossly distorted ways to their humilation and hurt and her fame and profit It s ugly and while Normandy starts off responding in typical abused child manner still craving Keira s approval she finally manages to speak up and say that what Keira has done is wrong and she s never consented view spoilerThe rape storyline of Flounder her alter go in the invented world and the way Keira lied to Normandy to get the reactions she wanted is horrific It s heartbreaking that neither their parents nor Keira herself would see this and acknowledge how wrong Keira s behaviour was hide spoiler I ADORED this HOLY CRAP Thought provoking funny distressing and cathartic but not in a bullshit way As my 13 year old Josie who also loved Well shit The very best books are those that you Humanism either love or hate The very best books are those that sneak up on your feelings and makes them fuckingxplode With love with hate with bothThis book Made Me Mad Really me mad really mad And I also want Smokin' Hot everyone in the world and their mother to read itI find it really weird that I can t say anything about this book s plot or ideas or themes Because the thing is that you must read them for yourselfWritten in the way of creative non fiction this book ironically gives the most skewed and partial version of the truth about it s story All the while sticking close to the factsPerception is a thing that always comes into place when you describe yourselfWhich just goes to show you truth is not necessarily real Nor is it the whole pictureYou think you know what this book is a about families resentment art creativity friendship anti slut shaming growing upAnd then you realise you know nothingHalf of this book and it s million footnotes are worth a uote but it s impossible to uote this without giving away thessential idea of the book That you have to discover the truth yourselfAs funny as it was it took me a bit to get into the book And then once I got hooked it took only a slightly longer than allowed lunch hour to read in its Placing Memory entiretyAnyway if you are going to start demanding honesty out of people don t forget to add the reconciliation part to your truth commissionuote by the famous Ygrittethe action of making one view or belief compatible with another THERE I managed to fucking uote the bookIn a somewhat unrelated note the parallels that I m running between my feelings for this book YA realistic fiction coming Aus ihrer Schuleine Frage stellen die bisher keiner auszusprechen wagte obwohl alle nach der Antwort lechzenHasst die wig grantige Sekretärin wirklich alle Schüler ist der schöne Tyler jetzt schwul oder nicht nimmt der Freak aus der 12 Drogen und hat die Coole aus dem Langlaufteam mi. I have such mixed feelings on this book On the one hand the story was interesting to keep me up all night finishing it which is a commendable feat And the framing device is interesting albeit flawed I think adults who njoy YA lit would probably find this to be an interesting read But on the other hand it teaches kids the target audience some terrible lessons Let s dive right into the negatives shall we On the surface this seems like a great book for teaching important life lessons It covers things like slut shaming and sexuality with a moderate amount of care but unfortunately it also has an apparently straight female character reclaiming a slur historically used against gay men an unironic use of the term friend zone and the xcusing of cultural appropriation as long as the offenders are sweetly committed pretenders who weren t hurting anyone with their delusions There s also some comparatively mild ableist language I also have relatively minor criticisms about the flatness of the characters and the inconsistency of the conceit primarily that a lot of the footnotes make it sound like this is the first draft yet there s a part in the project itself that refers to the project being completed followed a few pages later by another footnote that only makes sense attached to a first draft There s no internal consistency is what I m saying Plus there are times when it seems like Juby forgot the concept and just started writing in a typical novel style which results in the books reading like it was written by two different peopleI have some final complaints that I need to rant about that contains spoilers so I ll put it under spoiler tags but it s not really important to my recommendation if you re in the target audience for this book ie a teen read Beauty ueens by Libba Bray or anything by Courtney Summers instead They re all better written books and importantly they do a much better job of discussing serious issues If you re an adult who likes YA and you ve already read all the previously mentioned recommendations it may be worth checking out It is a pretty uick readin case the tags don t work spoilers followview spoilerI hate how cavalierly the topic of rape is handled It s used as a throwaway shocking twist twice instead of the traumatizing real world issue that it really is Part of the problem is that the viciousness of Keira and her willingness to lie about being raped came out of nowhere She s characterized as troubled and distant at worst Yes she did some things that were hurtful to her family but it s presented as though she s unaware she s hurting them likely due to mental health issues Not only does it nd up handling the topic of rape poorly it also has the presumably unintended Wanton Nights effect of making it look like the mentally ill are malicious and possibly straight upvil all for the sake of a big reveal I also didn t care for the statement of fact that there s no way a man who s married to another man would be interested in sex with a woman as though bi and pansexual people don t xist despite the acknowledgment with the discussion of another character that they do Speaking of sexuality the constant mentions that both sides were hoping Tyler would choose them is just gross People s sexuality matters for them not because if they choose your side you might get to bang themI m aware that it might seem hypocritical for me to love Gone Girl which has received plenty of criticism for it s handling of rape and yet criticize The Truth Commission so harshly First off if you re bothered by the handling of false rape claims in Gone Girl that is completely valid and I m not going to tell you that you shouldn t be bothered But I will tell you why I think it s different from this book Most importantly it s a book for adults Problematic handling of any topic is much severe in my mind when it s directly targeted at kids Not that all adults are mature but the probability of them having the necessary level of knowledge and critical thinking skills is much higher than it is for teens But also the way Amy Dunne uses false rape as a weapon is consistent with who she is as a character She is cold and calculating and manipulative is the same woman who s willing to frame her husband for murder calculating and manipulative This is the same woman who s willing to frame her husband for murder then commit murder all in order to get what she wants Keira lacks that clarity of character Presumably this is because Normandy is as she admits an unreliable narrator although she chalks it up to narration being inherently unreliable While Amy is also an admitted unreliable narrator that reveal is part of our understanding of who she is It s part and parcel of her manipulations With Normandy we don t get that slow reveal of her sister s true self I d rate this 45 starsWill the truth really set you free In Susan Juby s uirky and njoyable The Truth Commission three art students believe so and strive to compel their fellow students to xpressing the truth about the various situations they re in but they don t realize that the truth comes at a price and that facing your own truths May Cause Difficulty Than You RealizeNormandy Pale Is A Student cause difficulty than you realizeNormandy Pale is a student the Green Pastures Academy of Art and Applied Design in Nanaimo British Columbia Canada She is a tremendously talented artist and mbroiderer trouble is she lives in the shadow of her older sister Keira also a graduate of Green Pastures Keira became famous with a series of graphic novels that lampooned Normandy and their parents but their parents don t seem to care and only seem to indulge Keira s behaviorOne day I was surprised by how much I liked this book I went into it thinking it was some light ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe entertainment but don t be fooled by the sweet cov. Ein Häppchen Wahrheit gefällig Oder darf's dochin bisschen mehr seinDas Leben ist nichts für Feiglinge denken sich die drei Freunde Dusk Neil und Normandy zu Beginn des 11 Schuljahres und starten The Fiend Next Door ein gewagtes Experiment Einmal jede Woche wird abwechselndiner der drei inem Menschen. .

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F age and The Subs Club adult BDSM romance which was my last read are horrifyingly funny I am a resentful bitch and there s no denying it But beautiful friendships is what I m optimistically trying to take away from these books Instead of you know the actual painful truth of myselfFinally it s awfully unnerving that the last footnote and the last shout out of this book is to The Corrections Because no less than I month ago I also had a love hate response to the old love hate response that I had had about it when I was a teen Very appalling feeling it is the absurdity of finding hidden truths about yourself in it all Actual Rating 35 This review has also been posted on The Social Potato Reasons to read The Truth Commission 1 The Writing Style This book is written in a fun witty style that will make it impossible to stop reading unless you just happen to have xams pop up like I did What makes this book so much fun to read is the fact that it s written as a non fiction novel where the main character is telling her story to the readers I always The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 enjoy reading a book structured like that because it helps forge a strong connection between the reader and the main character IMO It helps you get to know them better and through the main character s writing their characteristics shine through That was definitely the case in this book and the footnotes made it all the charming2 THE FOOTNOTES Holy crap those footnotes were SO MUCH FUN TO READ That is all I have to say3 The Main Character Normandy is one of the most relateable main charactersver and I LOVED reading her story I am not A Meditation on Murder even sure whatxactly makes her so fun to read about In part it s probably the writing style but I also think it s just her She is so real She is in denial about her feelings about a certain someone she can also be nvious of other people without ven acknowledging the fact she is nvious but she is also a great friend and person She is someone who internalizes her feelings but given the way she grew up with a speshul snowflake sister I am not surprised I loved watching Normandy find her inner strength and watching her shine like the awesome human she is4 The Friendships The relationships in this novel are complex but the bond between Normandy and her friends is great That isn t to say they never had any sort of drama but its understandable drama because no friendship is perfect And none of the individuals within this group are What is also awesome is the people they meet along their journey to seek the truth and the bonds they forge with other people5 The Plot The way things unfold in the book is brilliant It adds a layer of mystery to book and if you know me you know how I love my mystery I also just love how people and things come together in this bookOther awesome things include some Diversity deals with slut shaming to a certain degree lack of ANNOYING drama A Few Criticisms 1 Kiera AKA Norm s older famous sister Kiera was a character with potential and I feel like that potential remained Unrealized Maybe I Just Kept Maybe I just kept wanting something positive between her and Norm and when things turned out the way they did I nded up feeling disappointed2 Norm when things turned out the way they did I nded up feeling disappointed2 Norm family Norm s parents aren t the worst parents in town but they aren t winning any awards ither Their passiveness just rubbed me the wrong way and I wish they were able to stand up
"for themselves but "
themselves but for Norm I would like to say that I do like how things AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 ended with Norm and her dad but I still wanted 3 I cannot say muchlse because spoilersbut the way rape was used in the novel bothered me It isn t used in a really horrible or The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? even realllly offensive but it just doesn t work for me as a reader and left me with a bad taste in my mouth It wasn tnough to ruin the book for me but I do think the issue could have been handled differentlyVerdict This is a book I d definitely recommend There is only one thing that really bothered me but I was still able to njoy the book and hopefully you will too since it is so much Wanted to see if this is a good as I remember it Yes 5 years later it still holds up Wish there were YA novels like this Smart but in an asy to read fluffy package Why isn t Susan Juby writing 51916 re read for my book club Still infuriatingPretty close to 5 stars for meIt is super funny and yet it also made my blood boil with fury There is a character in this story that I haven t seen in YA before and this character made me MAD Also footnotes The I write the I realize that when you tell a story you shape the truth What you leave in what you leave out The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online every word andvery Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet emphasis changes the meaning Writers create the truth for better or worse This book really affected me I don t know that I havever read a book that manages to be so lighthearted and humourous and yet so increasingly horrific and infuriating as it moves along There are so many things to praise about this book that I don t know where to start Also uite ironically for a book called The Truth Commission I ve got to be careful what I tell you I don t want to give away the dark depths this seemingly light book is headed towards But let me just agree with all the reviewers who said this it will make you madAnd the thing is for most of this book I thought I was already mad I mean I thought I knew what people were talking about and yes it was pissing me off But to borrow the old phrase I hadn t seen anything yetThe Truth Commission is a novel of 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) exceptional writing detailed characterization and relationships feminism and criticism of slut shaming family and friendship truth and lies It s also about the subtle ways the truth can be distorted toxtreme ffect and the truths we wis. T inem ihrer beiden Teamkollegen was oder gar mit beiden Was die drei besten Freunde allerdings damit lostreten hätten sie nie geahnt Ein kluges Buch über Freundschaft Liebe und die Frage was wir mit uns und unserem Leben anfangen und was das igentlich alles zu bedeuten hat Verlagstext. .

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