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Urial Rites which was published and which I read in 2013 both books gathered a word of mouth buzz about them prior to publication receiving favourable reviews and drawing comparisons to the work of established literary authors both have been nominated for the Baileys Women s Prize for Fiction But both also turned out to be uick light and easy reads actually less complicated and challenging than a lot of genre fiction and both proved to be almost instantly forgettable The Shore is a collection of interlinked short stories all of them set on the titular Shore an arid archipelago of three islands somewhere off the coast of the Southern state of Virginia That the stories focus on different characters and take place in different time periods including the future has led to the book being likened to the novels of David Mitchell Taylor s work differs from Mitchell s in one crucial respect it lacks the variety of voices and literary styles that made Ghostwritten and Cloud Atlas what they were I m pretending The Bone Clocks doesn t exist This lack of diversity is both a problem it means the stories which often have the same rough themes seem too alike and an asset it makes the book feel coherent as a novel and avoids for the most part making it feel gimmicky There are a couple of notable deviations though The most obvious is the final chapter set in 2143 which uses a sort of futurespeak that seems very familiar and felt like a rip of the style employed by Mitchell in the future set sections of Cloud Atlas If not Cloud Atlas then I have definitely read something extremely similar in another book It s not original and it s kind of lazy but what saves it is the truly touching story lurking beneath the daft language In general the story is kept afloat by engaging characters strong and intriguing openings to each of the chapters and the identity the Shore itself acuires characterful and close to magical The Shore has some running themes though some of the main characters are male the book concentrates mainly on the female experience and secondly on sexual politics One of the better examples of the latter is that in a tongue in cheek twist on the epidemic dystopia formula it s a sexually transmitted disease that brings about the ruin of humanity I did sometim It s a little house our house one room downstairs and two rooms upstairs and a porch for each and according to the phone company and the electric company and the taxman it doesn t exist The Shore is an isolated run down collection of islands off the co i chose this book thinking it was going to have a Winesburg Ohio vibe a series of linked stories that make up a larger novel feel in which desperate characters both love and resent their isolated hometowns and suffer beautifullyand in some ways that expectation panned out structurally it holds up although this is definitely novel than short story collection although it is made up of short self contained vignettes they would lose something if this had been marketed as a collection there is too much foreshadowing that will pay off in later narratives and there are little aha moments peppered throughout that would be overlooked if these were read as stories in isolationand these characters do indeed suffer this is an unremittingly bleak novel and i think it is a lot grimmer than anything in winesburg so be prepared for that this coverkind of promises a book that is somewhere between women s fiction and grit lit but even though grit lit rarely takes place on tiny islands off the coast of virginia this is definitely flying under the grit lit banner there s meth and everything this other coveris a really bad match to the book s contents and is sure to attract the wrong readers who will most likely be horrified by what transpires here it s a gorgeous cover i ust worry that it doesn t scream here be horrorsedit i am only Andrew Lost In the Kitchen just now seeing that bloody tooth in the corner i didn t see it when it wasust goodreads size on the book s page but looking at it in the larger size yeah i actually dig it disregard my complaints plzbecause there are some terrifically harsh scenes in this book the story is primarily concerned with the women who live in on the shore which is the name given to this small group of islands over the course of 250 years as the stories flit back and forth through time we will visit and revisit these women at different stages in their lives their families the conseuences of their actions coming home to roost generations later we will witness murder assault poverty addiction and smaller everyday disappointments but then other elements start to creep in sort of uiet magical realism moments and it s a little unclear at first if we are supposed to be reading them as the traditions and beliefs of an isolated population or if we are to accept them as magic exists and then all of a sudden BOOM with no warning i mean apart from the table of contents we are in 2037 and who saw that coming except for people who read the table of contents and then BOOM the final chapter takes place in 2143 so wowwith these things in mind it reads like One Hundred Years of Solitude or Cloud Atlas than winesburg but i wasn t disappointed ust because my expectations weren t met i am freuently wrong in my assessments and if i had picked up that shell cover but i wouldn t because it does not speak to me at all i would have been even incorrect in my expectationsit s full speak to me at all i would have been even incorrect in my expectationsit s full Gorgeous Prose And Very prose and very stories which are my personal brand of raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens and even though i felt a little sideswiped by the futureshock stuff i really enjoyed the rest of it a very strong debut and i already want come to my blog. Nd addiction to secure a sense of well being for themselves and for those they loveTogether their stories form a deeply affecting legacy of two barrier island families illuminating 150 years of their many freedoms and constraints heartbreaks and pleasures Conjuring a wisdom and beauty all its own The Shore is a richly uniue stunning novel that will resonate with readers long after turning its final pages establishing Sara Taylor as a promising new voice in fiction. The history of some dying communities that are than ust names to me Every region needs a literary chronicler and I reckon Taylor is it for the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia s islands This was certainly a deserving entry on the 2015 Baileys Prize longlist Next time though I hope she ll commit to one genre or style Southern grit lit at its best If you like generations of a very disturbed and disturbing family in your reading selections this fits the bill Murder mayhem mysticism meth heads and malevolence fill the chaptersThe lay out of the chapters really interconnected vignettes would be what I first disliked and then ended up much appreciating by the end This book makes your brain work Something like 20 characters are introduced at different points in their lives not chronologically and without much explanation of to whom or how they are related Since neither my ARC nor my ebook included a family tree in the front I think the finished book does I took many notes on each chapter and referred back often It became an adventure and a uniue experience trying to figure out how each piece of the puzzle fit together And by the end chapters keeping track of the people was no longer a problemThe Shore s remote setting three islands that are part of Chesapeake Bay in Virginia is the real star with oyster shell paved paths and an underlying wildness that its inhabitants have inheritedThe ARC I received from LibraryThing literally fell apart after one chapter thus the delay in my ability to read and review this until it became available on NetGalley But from that first chapter I was intent on finishing the book an original debut sure to put Sara Taylor s name among the greats of this genre I don t read short stories as a rule and I know I am missing out on some really good writing but once in a while I take the leap especially if the stories are connected That s the next best thing to a novel for me and this collection felt like a novel sort of It would have felt so if the stories in this book were in chronological order then the changes in the narratives spanning over 250 years might not have been as confusing However the appearance of people mentioned in one story in another story which takes places years or a century before was a clever mechanism that hooked me The structure of the book made for a little work to piece things together and several times I had to move back and forth between stories to confirm the link It does however come full circle in a way with the character of Chloe from the first disturbingly and devastatingly sad story There are many characters in the these stories but from beginning to end it was Chloe s story for me I m not sure there s an ounce of oy anywhere in this book with maybe the exception of the last pages If there was any earlier I surely missed it among the depressing sad lives of the people that inhabit The Shore consisting of three islands off the coast of Virginia and spanning the years 1876 2043 One finds brutal realities here revenge murders meth and physical abuse as wives and children are beaten and women are raped There s black magic healing and a and children are beaten and women are raped There s black magic healing and a theme of unplanned unwanted pregnancies Pretty heavy duty stuff but if you can go on after the reading the first chapter which gave me pause you ll be rewarded with descriptive writing taking you into the desolate places in the lives of these characters with the creativity of *the storytellingThis is not for the faint of heart It s *storytellingThis is not for the faint of heart It s and brutal but I can t help but feel that there is writing here worthy of our attention and if you make it through to the ending chapters you might like I did find a an ounce of hopeThanks to Crown Publishing and NetGalley So every once in a while I take myself out of HPlandia and read what various acuaintances refer to as a real book like literature even This one is interesting in a how bleak and sad and horrible can we make things kinda way The writing is good The various interconnected stories were mostly well done but srsly peeps except for the very end story which is set after an epic biological apocalypse and people are horribly mutated the sheer unrelenting misery of this book makes me want to run back to HPlandia and get myself some HEA s The interesting thing is that both HP s and this book are all about women and the practically stereotypical feminine tropes of marriage motherhood and misogynypatriarchy and how these women either rise above it or succumb I do find it fascinating that in the romance and how these women either rise above it or succumb I do find it fascinating that in the romance of HPlandia Harleuin Presents women are shown to have much greater agency in building a better life for themselves than this book which is arguably written by a 24yr old who probably has personal options and liberty as a female than at any other point in history I am not sure what is the point this book was trying to make It comes off as a neo feministic rant against the patriarchal heirarchy But I do know that I think if a woman s lot in life is mostly misery and suffering as this book implies I ll take my chances angsting over unreuited love and stay in HPlandia at least the women over there get the bondage of their preference in the end Oh man It sucks to be poor And generational poverty Sucks even These interconnected stories are bleak and compelling Bloodlines are blurred violence is certain and the shore is where it all transpires Grit lit You ve been warned Rarely do I finish a book and have so little to say about it I enjoyed The Shore and I wanted to write an in depth review but I ve been struggling for days with what I have to say and even what I remember about the story The way I felt about this reminds me of the way I felt about Hannah Kent s Place they've inhabited fled and returned to for hundreds of years From a half Shawnee Indian's bold choice to flee an abusive home only to find herself with a man who will one day try to kill her to a brave young girl's determination to protect her younger sister as methamphetamine ravages their family to a lesson in summoning storm clouds to help end a drought these women struggle against domestic violence savage wilderness and the corrosive effects of poverty 355 The Shore by Sara Taylor is a book that s hard to categorize It s a cross between a short story collection and a novel and follows the lives of different members of a large family living on a collection of small islands on the coast of Virginia The stories ump from branch to branch of a vast family tree in a nonlinear timeline the first chapter is set in 1995 the second one in 1933 and so forth These different perspectives don t shy away from depicting uite harsh realities as most of them deal with poverty violence and addiction in some way The stories not only vary in genre there s gritty contemporary magical realism Southern Gothic and even some sci fi but also in uality Some stories felt really impactful and some I really couldn t get into Even though there s a family tree included at the beginning the grand cast of characters can be a bit hard to follow and this is one of those books you need to pay close attention to while reading to pick up on all the small connections between the characters across the different generations Once you start to see these little connections this definitely pays off though and overall I really enjoyed the experience of reading this book There are many characters that populate this very assured debut novel but none of them is enduring and unforgettable than the shore itself Within these chapters characters ebb and flow like the ocean itself plunging in head first to reveal themselves to the reader and then receding to safe or not so safe shoreIndeed the structure of the book follows this ebb and flow starting in current times withdrawing to 1876 advancing to a horrific dystopian future in 2143 introducing different players almost willy nilly If you enjoy linear books this is not a novel for you However if you have a high tolerance for books that flow seamlessly back and forth before revealing all their secrets you re going to love this oneMs Taylor writes The Shore is flat as a fried egg on a clear day from one upstairs porch it feels like you can see into tomorrow and usually you can Rejected Rejected Rejected just about see the smart smear that is Chincoteague Island off to the northeast We are one of three islands off the coast of Virginia andust south of Maryland trailing out into the Atlantic Ocean like someone s dripped paint The island comes alive under Ms Taylor s deft hand the smell of the salt water the crabs crawling up the shore the noxious smell of Perdue chicken from the killing factory All the while the author integrates different styles and tenses from historical to suspenseful from southern gothic to dystopian from fantastical to conventional There s also a wisp of feminism philosophy contained within many of these woman are fighting for survival and self actualization and in one case and a few have special skills such as herb doctoring and controlling the weather As the novel progresses clues are dropped how all these stories link and a universal theme is introducedOne of the reasons I chose The Shore is that it was compared to David Mitchell and Jennifer Egan s works I m a fan of both However I did not see *the connection to either except for the experimental form of storytelling If I had to *connection to except for the experimental form of storytelling If I had to to another author it would be Flannery O Connor with a touch of Alice Hoffman Sara Taylor knows how to tell a story to rev up the reader s interest and importantly she knows how to sock the reader right between the eyes with some of her story endings It s an imaginative novel inventive creative and beautifully controlled and paced by the author By the third or fourth chapter I was willing to suspend belief and let Sara Taylor take me anywhere she chose to go Nearly 45 Gritty and virtuosic this novel in 13 stories imagines 250 years of history on a set of islands off the coast of Virginia As a Maryland native I think of Chincoteague and Assateague as vacation destinations but Taylor definitely focuses on their dark side here industrial scale chicken farms unwanted pregnancies domestic violence bootleg liuor gang rape murders and meth labs There s a core of narratives set in the 1980s 90s that could easily form a novel on their own but these are interspersed with vignettes stretching from 1876 to 2143 Dirty realism thus shares space with historical fiction and dystopia while first person narration about one third trades off with third person nearly two thirds and one instance of the second person Boys My favorite of the stories were the nineteenth century ones about Medora a half Native American healer These have a faint flavor of Wide Sargasso Sea while there are traces of Ron Rash and David Vann in the rest Taylor has proven here that she can do it all contemporary realism period research even post apocalyptic Each of those genres could have spawned an entire book but when crammed together they seem a bit show offy or like Taylor couldn t make up her mind what she wanted the book to be I also thought the 1980s 90s chapters were repetitive with young women getting knocked up by dubious boyfriendsIs The Shore short stories or a novel That s a uestion I m still asking myself I ve heard Taylor s approach compared to David Mitchell s in Cloud Atlas or The Bone Clocks but I haven t read either anyone who has feel free to let me know how Taylor measures up The compromise position says it s linked short stories like Snow in May by Kseniya Melnik Unforgettable by short stories like Snow in May by Kseniya Melnik Unforgettable by Alden or Archangel by Andrea Barrett with characters andor their ancestorsdescendants showing up in later chapters I think in the end I would have preferred a clearer choice either a chronological novel or a straight set of short storiesStill there s no denying that Taylor can write and I loved tracing. Welcome to The Shore a collection of small islands sticking out from the coast of Virginia into the Atlantic Ocean Where clumps of evergreens meet wild ponies oyster shell roads tumble down houses unwanted pregnancies murder storm making and dark magic in the marshes Situated off the coast of Virginia's Chesapeake Bay the group of islands known as the Shore has been home to generations of fierce and resilient women Sanctuary to some but nightmare to others it's ,
The Shore