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Democratic Art eOvel oOAnother proof that words meaning NOTHING we have this conversation between Luke and Summer She shot him an incredulous look No boundaries with you huhYou want some you just have to tell meAw sweet Great line Really made me melt So cute Until I figured out that it was TOTAL BULLSHIT When Summer tries torect boundaries for instance she s very sensitive about the topic of her family and it makes her really upset and uncomfortable to talk about them Luke blows up at her ranting about how she doesn t trust him Did the Greeks Believe in Their Myths? enough andnds up making HER want to apologize to HIM for not being comfortable being open with him a near stranger about a topic that is obviously a sore point for her JACKASS PIECE OF SHIT Classic abusive behavior here WHAT I LIKEDNow that I ve completely viscerated this book let s talk about it s redeeming ualities Chris Eva was breathless with xcitement Maybe he s The One No No he is not The One She was certain of that We totally get on Codependent Forevermore: The Invention of Self in a Twelve Step Group each other s nerves He s maybe The Eight or The NineLOL This was hilarious She really liked this new calm Chris The first time she had sex with her last boyfriend she d been giggly and stupid with nerves half wishing she was curled up alone in a uilt watching TV with a mug of hot cocoaAw very cute and totally relateable I wish she could ve been like this for the whole bookWhat about this scene I ve been thinking of sex with you that wayYou have Tell me about thatZac s smile widened Her mind raced ahead In these fantasies of his was she bent over the arm of his couch Naked on the beach with her legs spread wide Straddling him on his bed Kneeling in front of him with her mouth around his I like thinking of you on the beach sun lighting your face laughing yournergy flowing but relaxed loose and free I imagine you not worrying about anything or anyone Conscience and Memory: Meditations in a Museum of the Holocaust even yourselfChris turned to stare at him A sweet melty ache started in her chest That s itWhat He glanced over at her back at the road You don t like itNo it s wonderful Her voice came out throaty and low Just not what IxpectedWhat did you Conscience and Memory expectOh something like me naked and hog tiedOkay totally cute scene Also very interesting psychologically to me What do wexpect from men and women in regard to sexual fantasies What does this mean What are the implications of her having wild sexual fantasies about him while he s having sweet romantic caring sexual fantasies about her What does this indicate about their future Blah blah blah I could have a field day with this whole thing I wish of the book was fun and also psychologically interesting like this But it isn t SighI also loved this part also about sex Chris and Zac have just had a night and morning of sex I love doing this with you It s like It s soHe waited Pansy Vol. 6 eagerly Fantastic Incredible Life changingNonthreateningLOL Laughing my butt off over here Especially since I totally agree with her that this is a huge compliment to give a guy what she s trying to say is that she s very comfortable and relaxed with him and doesn t feel pressured or intimidated but of course that s notxactly what he was hoping to hear A funny scene and one of the few times I A funny scene and one of the few times I relating and bonding to ChrisHere s one where I actually felt sympathy for Zac About Valentine s DayZac froze for a microsecond before he reminded himself to keep breathing Was she going to say she wanted to hang out with him on Valentine s Day Immediately he began thinking beyond boxes of chocolate poetry and bouuets of roses to something that would represent his feelings without being too cliched or scaring herAw that was sweet Actually now that I am talking about this with you I realize that the book gets to be actually sweet and much interesting after the characters start having sex with Edible Memory: The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Foods each other which isn t until about 23 of the way through the bookTHE SOUNDTRACKI like when books specifically mention songs the characters are listening to Here Chris and Zac have sex while listen to her iPod on shuffle We get one unnamed song bad form Begin the Beguine by Artie Shaw Make You Feel My Love by Adele and Afterglow by INXS Soundtracks in books arextra fun for me I always put on whatever music the characters are listening to while I m reading I want to stress that I do not care what the music is or who the artist is it s completely the author s choice and I just njoy being inside the story that much I "wish authors did this super fun this adds "authors did this Super fun this adds dimension and another sense to reading a bookSEXSigh as much as it pains me to admit it the sex is actually good Perhaps if this was an rotica and not a romance things would have been better It s only when I have to hear these characters opinions and thoughts and words that I froth at the mouth in bed they are actually pretty good together I give the book Education in a New Society extra points for the good sex However it is notnough to save the book again this is a romance and the sex only makes up a small percentage of the novelTl dr There is not a

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likable character in book Which is unfortunate seeing as this is a romance novel and therefore very important to have the audience rooting for your characters to fall in love There are a few redeeming ualities such as the sex but not nough to bump this up to 3 stars for meTWO REAL STARS TWO ROMANCE STARSHarleuin Blaze February 2015. Hare is smoking hot They agree to a friends with benefits fling which fits in with Chris's new laid back style But she might not want to give up her favorite new indulgence when it's time to return to NY.

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Aaw 3 cute stars Loved the multiple POVs Wasnt xpecting that when I read the discription Plenty of funny moments romance and yummy naughty bits Chris and Zac were okay but I think it was Summer and Luke who had me turning pages Side note Unisex names such as a female Chris are not my thing at all The cast of characters in this book are so uirky and great you are going to love The Baby Swap Miracle each andvery one Chris is a complete headcase from trying to breathe her way out of feeling anything to practically jumping Zac she is a hot mess In typical male fashion Zac pulls a few bonehead moves too but his heart is always in the right place There is such a fun vibe to this whole story it makes you want to keep on readingLototyReviewer for Coffee Time Romance MoreOfficial Review Coffee Time Romance More This is a story that really captured my heart Cute story Twin sisters swap places and manage to find love in the process What happens when the truth is revealed A nice fun read Received an ARC for an honest opinion My Thoughts The Perfect IndulgenceI adored this title It was a great lure The cover picture was perfect The artist meshed the love chemistry romance tone with a sweetness that is hard to put into words The twin switch intrigued me I had an ntirely different concept in mind about that but I still liked where the story went The laid back California vibe was way cool It s a state of mind I loved how the author remained consistent with communicating it The protagonists were funnyin a good way I liked their playfulness and their heat With that said I was not prepared in some instances for just how intense these two could get I adored the supporting characters specially Summer and Luke This was an okay read It was certainly ntertaining I was xcited to read about Chris and Zac s story but was slightly disappointed The romance fell flat for me mainly because Chris spent too much time forcing her to be something lse and refusing to face how she felt about Zac and then Zac spent too much time working up the courage to actually DO anything about what he knew he felt for Chris if he were real I would ve told him to man up and get on with it already I njoyed Summer and Luke s story way than Chris and Zac s and almost felt they had depth than Chris Zac Also the sickly sweet Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation ending whereveryone Gender Justice even no offense a narcissist like Bodie gets married slightly over kill 35 This was a sweet andasy love story I could ve done without all of the side storylines that didn t really add to the progression of the main characters storyline Though some of the supporting characters were really uite good I loved Zac s brother Luke and Summer the shop girl who turned out to be a lot I also thought Chris s sister Eva was great I m gonna have to read her story too All in all this was a light fun read Hot romance Loved it I Generations and Collective Memory enjoyed this book very much There are something s that bothered me but overall it was a good read It kept me interested and I almost read the book in one day If I didn t have company for the weekend I would have Chris swapped her life in California with her twins so that both of them canxperience ach other life She works in a bar where her sister is and nded up with four guys yeing for her attention But her attention is focused on one person Zar Arnette Zac is also attracted to her but he is uncomfortable with all the attention that Chris has from her possible suitor He wants her for himself Chris is not looking for long term commitment or so she said hence Zac agreed to a friends with benefits kind of relationship There is nothing wrong with the arrangement but would they be able to let go when the time to part finally arrive There is a mixed feeling for me in reviewing and to rate this book I love the story of Chris and Eva s swapping life but not the subplot of others character which make it too crowded for my liking Though Chris may seems others character which make it too crowded for my liking Though Chris may seems forcing herself to do something that she doesn t want to Though Chris may seems forcing herself to do something that she doesn t want to like her for her opinionated self Overall it is a sweet read for me Has anything ver upset you around me or do you just never show it Because I ve never seen you Chris He stopped walking Can we start with How was your vening How are things going What have you been up to for the past few monthsF u c k y o "u a s s h o l I carefully and painstakingly type out on "a s s h o l I carefully and painstakingly type out on Kindle Save noteSeriously who does this smirking smug condescending chuckling jerk think he is Edward Cullen I wanted to wipe that smirk off his face for the ENTIRE book I have no idea how anyone thinks this kind of man is sexy Really zero idea Do you like being talked down to Told what is wrong with your life and how you re living it Being given advice on how to make yourself better Never feeling like you are fine just how you are Well have I got the romance book for youHere are some of Chris s thoughts on Zac she personally found him overbearing and bossy and at times infuriatingly smug He d get an amused look on his face as if he loved that she was struggling loved that he d gotten to herWow great How about He looked smug Smug She knew he would And it made her want to smack him harderOr He chuckled of course he did her discomfort always amused himOr He was smirkingSharpe alternates between showing us what Chris is thinking and feeling and showing The perfect pick me up After swapping lives and coffee shops with her twin sister Chris Meyer is certain her New Yorker uptightness has melted in the hot California sunshine But finding inner peace is to. S what Zac was thinking and feeling I was hoping being inside Zac s mind would help me understand where he was coming from perhaps make me feel a bit of sympathy for him but I was WRONG And while he was ranting who or what had taken all the spark out of Chris She was like an overdecorated shell of her former self Chris Meyer was a high nergy Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) exciting woman If she was trying to change that about herself she would only succeed in driving herself crazyUmxcuse me YOU are the one who was all over her when she first moved to California ragging on her constantly about how she was too uptight YOU are the one who wanted her to relax and mellow out and practice meditating tc tc tc And now that she s taken your advice done that and become a relaxed and stereotypically California woman you re upset with her You think she s betrayed herself Go fuck yourself ZacNow is probably a good time to mention that I didn t like Chris that much ither I liked her better than Zac true but that s not saying much She overthought Foraging for Survival everything and made her choices based on strange reasoning that I did NOT understandI hate Chris s sister Eva who also stars in this book since she is a rapist we know that from the previous book which was Eva s love story Not only that but she treats Chris as if Chris is her pet project or something constantly telling her what to do what to think who to love how to live Actually Zac and Eva treat Chrisxactly the same way I know what s best for you don t bother arguing after all I only have your best interests at heart do what I tell you It scares me that these two people are seen as prototypical Californians oOThere s also a minor secondary couple in this romance novel and usually I love minor side couples in romance but I didn t like them Zac s little brother Luke and his girlfriend Summer Fragments either Luke has a short temper worst uality in a man and Summer is practically dating him because he reminds her of her future psych patients and she wants to analyze his behavior see if she could figure out what made him tick It would be like preparation for her university programven without than a course or two under her belt Oh yeah So sexy Date someone because you re interested in their particular brand of fucked up in the head That s not only unhealthy and messed up but it s wildly unfair to the person you re dating who is probably under the false impression that you actual care about him or are attracted to him JerkSummer also takes him on dates that are really tests or xperiments I guess to see how he ll react oO I do not condone this kind of behavior If you are going to date someone they are your love interest not your psychology project Show him some respectEveryone was an unlikable person While this is fine in most books other types of fiction it is NOT okay in a romance novel In a romance novel while the two MCs do not have to be perfect they DO have to be people you sympathize with and cheer for The whole point of a romance novel is to watch two people fall in love and go Awww And you can do That When Despise ThemHE S NOT THAT BAD EVERY when you despise themHE S NOT THAT BAD EVERY MAN IS EVEN WORSEThis book ngages in what I call the at least he doesn t beat me trope This trope occurs when the author creates a hero that at least on some level she realizes isn t very appealing To counteract this she introduces one or 2 or 3 xtra love interest who is EVEN WORSE unappealing or abusive anything to make the reader feel a false sense of relief or happiness when the heroine gets with the now relatively not that bad hero In this book 3 other men are chasing Chris THREE One is a short tempered bar brawler one is a misogynist self absorbed asshole who only cares about getting laid and can t talk about any topic besides himself and the third is a young self centered rather stupid guy who can t think of anything but himselfMakes Zac seem like a real winner huh Makes you want to root for him and Chris to get together doesn t it Ummmmm NO How about she ditch ALL these losers and finds a man who is actually a good caring funny sweet person who accepts her for who she is OR I know this idea is so crazy I can t ven believe I m saying this Maybe she could njoy being single Wow I don t know just accept that there s no one approaching her who is worthy of her time right now and do fun single woman things without needing a man Hmmmm being happy ven WITHOUT a boyfriend Perhaps that s too radical an idea for a romance novel oOGROSSEST LINE IN THE WHOLE BOOK After all blood is thicker than semenACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDSConversation between Luke and Summer You have a temperApparentlyWith womenOh no He turned to look at her Never like thatUm Summer not that I m saying don t trust men but him saying he doesn t lose his temper with women men whatever don t really see what the difference is here As if temper is something that can only be activated by one gender or something is not the same thing as him actually demonstrating to you time and time again that he can be patient and calm The proof is in the pudding I mean I could come up to you and claim to be fluent in French Guess what Unless you witness me having a conversation with a Parisian nothing is certain Needless to say Luke is totally lying and loses his temper with her A LOT in the course of the Ugh with four guys vying for her attention Including the one who turns her mellow zen into a way too sexy zing Zac Arnette doesn't mind a little competition because he knows the attraction he and Chris The Perfect Indulgence