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Forever with You Bayou Dreams #5Forever With You was a delightful book to read Ms Rochon has continued her streak of creating a vivid image of the town of Gauthier Louisiana as a uaint small town Leslie who was mentioned in a previous book is recovering from the death of her husband after he suffered from PTSD Which I must say Ms Rochon handled this topic beautifully She falls for Gabriel her daughters wide eyed ounger teacher This is one of my favorite series to read I envision living in this small community and having the familial and social relationships that are portrayed in the stories Another great book in the Bayou Dreams series by Farrah Rochon Farrah takes us back to the fictional town of Gauthier Louisiana and we get Shayla s sister in law s story Leslie is busy raising her 2 kids alone after her husband died and doesn t have time for love Gabriel is the science teacherassistant principal who is The Piper in the Wind younger than Leslie but is the only male who sparks her interest There are several cameos from couples in the other book I absolutely loved Leslie and Gabriel s story and I am ready for the next book n the series This is a warm friendly short romance set in a bayou town There s a new teacher at the school and he has an inappropriate crush on a member of the School Board a lady who is widowed with kids How wrong would that be especially as he needs her support in his interim job as assistant principal The lady is forever being introduced to nice single men by the good members of the Baptist Church but she has no time to socialise with anyone A job kids school board duties and homework time Actually she also needs to work through some issues around her late husband as well before she can start to think of another relationship Nicely atmospheric and a somewhat sexier story thanou d expect especially on school grounds Forever with You is a story that takes place in a town called Gauthier Ms Rochon apparently pens a series called Bayou Dreams that I believe centers around this fictional town and his populated by characters who play a minor role in this book Despite its connection to the series Forever with You is a standalone title and I had very little difficulty understanding what was going on and I think other readers "Will Find It Easy To Follow As "find it easy to follow as Now to my review This is a very sweet and tame tale about a widowed mother named Leslie who has two girls Her life is all about raising her daughters following the death of her husband some ears ago When not focused on raising her daughters her life focuses on work and her place as president of the Parents Teacher Organization Some people in town especially the little old ladies at church feel it s time for Leslie to meet a man but that isn t a part of her plan If only the new principle man but that isn t a part of her plan If only the new principle t so tempting Gabriel is the school s newest teacher and the interim principle He has nothing but eyes on Leslie and of course doing a good job so that one day he ll become a permanent principle His attraction to Leslie is instant and he doesn t care about her position in the PTA the fact that she s a student s mom or that she s a couple of ears older than he is Unfortunately as it begins to look as if there might be something between himself and the widowed mom there s trouble at the school This is the kind of trouble that could put the brakes on any advancement he s made with Leslie and also become a permanent road block in his career plans and his plans to help his mother and siblings Of course Leslie isn t without her own issues She s not sure she s ready. New life New love The tranuil bayou town of Gauthier is the perfect place for widowed single mother Leslie Kirkland to raise her two daughters Until she's elected president of the elementary school's Parent Teacher Organization Caught in a clash between the community and progressive sc. ,

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For a new man especially a ounger one She also hasn t uite gotten over her husband and how he diedCan these two overcome all of their obstacles and come together in love That s the uestion and the story behind Forever with You Overall I feel this is a good story that s perfect for someone looking for a light read on a lazy Sunday afternoon It s also a good break for anyone starting to feel burned out by the billionaire heroes that are so popular or the super dominating just this shy of being insane heroes that are starting to populate some of the current bad boy themed books Forever with You takes the tame route with characters that readers will like can relate to and will cheer for In Gabriel we get a sweet hero that most women would like to meet in the real world Leslie is just a mom who s trying to live after being struck by unexpected tragedy I wish that I had to say about this book other than it was a pleasant read I can definitely say that it wasn t a bad one and for some readers it may be ideal Unfortunately this wasn t a memorable book to me just an ok one The conflict wasn t extremely captivating and while I book to me just an ok one The conflict wasn t extremely captivating and while I Leslie S Hesitation "Leslie s hesitation did begin to grate after awhile Although I wasn t captivated it kept my interest long enough to read it It served its purpose though and was well written and that goes a long way For that I m giving this book 3 out of 5 I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review This book was soo good I m happy that Leslie found the man who was able to help her through the pain My introduction to this author came from a Twitter recommendation and I m glad I took that advice Liked the characters family relationships and sweet heat of the story I ll look for books by Farrah Rochon I am always interested in older woman ounger man romances and that s why I chose this among Farrah Rochon s many books to readIt has a nice storyline although the school business didn t get me excited because I could Leslie isn t ready to date again after her husband s Death A Year Earlier a Addicted to Womanhood Book One year earlier she meets new science teacherassistant principal Gabe I liked Leslie and her girls a lot and her conflicts felt very believable especially her reaction to moving on near the end of the book Gabe was generally a stand up guy though I wish the end hadn t dropped his entire motivation around his family My one big thing though was believing a teacher would actively try to flirt withseduce the mother of one of his students That is SUCH a big no no and conflict of interest and I was stunned that a stand up guy like him wouldn t even think twice If only he had been Cassidy s science team coach or something instead of her science teacher I wouldn t have had a problem But it kept me out of the story and their relationship pretty significantly Forever with You is book 5 in Farrah Rochon s Bayou Dreams series in this installment widowed single mother Leslie Kirkland is the president of the Parent Teacher Organization in small town Gauthier and the Science teacherassistant principal IS Gabriel FranklinLeslie finds herself in the middle of a battle between the parents and Gabriel but works to remain unbiased while the two sides work through their differences It doesn t help that Gabriel is a sexyounger man that has ignited a passion Leslie thought died with her husband Gabriel wants a relationship with Leslie and also wants what is best for the town and school Can he work to have both Readers will need to pick a copy of Forever with You to find outI li. Ience teacher turned assistant principal Gabriel Franklin Leslie vows not to take sides But it's hard to be objective when a sexy ounger man is awakening such an irresistible desire Years ago a teacher saved Gabriel from a one way path to destruction and now he is dedicated to his stu. .
Ked the theme of ounger manolder woman and Ms Rochon did a good job displaying Gabriel s passion for his students as well as his attraction toward LeslieLeslie was a tough woman to crack she had several excuses why a relationship between she and Gabriel would never work but he overrode her objections Leslie was battling herself and past fears while still dealing with the grief of losing her husband Leslie also did not want to diminish the community s perception of her and finally agreed to see Gabriel in secret These two had an uphill battle and once Leslie allowed Gabriel in her feelings of guilt intensified to such a magnitude that she allowed it to affect her relationship Gabriel sensed Leslie s fear and worked to alleviate it but it was an uphill battle He also enlisted Leslie s assistance to calm the community and find a solution to ensure the town of Gauthier did not lose their schoolThe story flowed well and engaged the reader to find out the outcome of the school as well as Gabriel and Leslie s relationship Overall this was a good read Reviewed by Deborah In FOREVER WITH YOU Farrah Rochon delivers a tender touching romance that tickles the readers heartstrings from beginning to end Widow Leslie Kirkland leads a busy life as a mother of two Once is Never Enough young daughters a full time demanding job and President of the elementary school Parent Teacher Organization While not uite ready to begin dating again she does fantasize about the deliciously sexy Gabriel Franklin Leslie considers him the safest crush in all of history as Gabriel isounger than her and is her daughter s teacher and that combination makes him off limits for dating Gabriel a newcomer Gauthier has caught the eye of many women in the town but the only he is interested in the one woman who will not give him the time of day Leslie Now that Gabriel is also the interim assistant principal at the elementary school and some of his ideas have riled up the town folks he and Leslie are in close contact with each other While there is no denying the sizzling attraction between the couple the past the present and the town are realities clouding their future Will the couple be able to meld their hearts and heads for a happily ever after togetherThe great characterization and relatable situations keeps readers emotionally involved and rooting for both the hero and heroine individually and as a couple As a single mother Leslie has to balance her needs and wants against what is best for her children As a widow of a war veteran Leslie has to come to grips with her guilt "FEELINGS IN MOVING FORWARD I ENJOYED LESLIE S JOURNEY "in moving forward I enjoyed Leslie s journey find the answers within herself and learning to accept her emotions as a normal part of life Gabriel has his hands Full Convincing Leslie That convincing Leslie that is just a number and the town Folks That His Educational Plans that his educational plans the best interest of the students and town But it will be his heart his actions and a man of his word that wins them over I enjoyed how the author builds the sexual tension before the couple even kisses and how the storyline showed the development of the relationship The love scenes were hot and tender There was one post lovemaking scene which was so heartwarmingly beautiful it will stay with the reader for a long timeFOREVER WITH YOU is the fifth book in the Bayou Dreams series Spark sizzle and great storytelling makes for a delightfully entertaining read I cannot wait for the next installment to see who will be finding their bayou dreamI received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. Dents and the Louisiana town he calls home But the chemistry sizzling between him and Leslie could ignite a scandal And when the gathering firestorm threatens both their dreams Gabe is ready to take a stand Can he convince Leslie that it's time to move on and make a bright futurewith