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Kid Presidents Guide to Being AwesomeThe book and I am ready to be AWESOMENOTE I got a Copy Of This Book In of this book in for an review If you love Kid President if you need to be pep talked an review If you love Kid President if you need to be pep talked you want to make your life and the world awesome then this book is a must read for you In Kid President s Guide to Being Awesome YouTube sensation Robby Novak and creator Brad Montague compile their original ideas on how to make the world a better place by sharing spurts of wisdom as well as their own authentic experiences The book begins with biographical information about how Kid President came about and is followed by distinct chapters revolving around themes such as Life is What Happens When You Put Your Phone Down Wanna Be a World Changer Be a Day Maker and It s Okay to Get Discouraged It s Not Okay to Stop Within each chapter there are stories of ordinary people inspiring the world by being purely awesomeThis colorful plifting book is an asset to any elementary school classroom Teachers can incorporate the book into the students learning environment by reading aloud one short section each day Not only will this enhance literacy skills but it will also make students engaged in reading Simply put this is a book written by a kid for kids so students will be able to relate to both the humor and serious messages that Robby has to share The influx of positive ideas will likely even inspire students to act differently in their own everyday lives Additionally teachers can tilize Kid President as a positive theme in their classroom and incorporate the plethora of videos this duo has online in various lessons and as a way to strengthen classroom culture. Robby Novak and his videos have inspired millions to dance to celebrate life and to throw spontaneous paradesIn his Guide to Being Awesome Kid President pulls together lists of awesome ideas to help the world awesome interviews with his awesome celebrity friends he has interviewed Beyoncé and a step by st. Not being very familiar with Kid President I wasn T SURE WHAT TO EXPECT WITH THIS BOOK IT sure what to expect with this book It delightful and I dare you to read it without laughing I especially found his experience in the White House delightful The book is such a positive force for good I enjoyed reading the stories of other ordinary people doing good things that were included I also loved that Kid President asks everyone what they think would make the world awesome So many of the an Synopsis Life is too short to not be awesome Kid President AKA Robby Novak Have you ever wondered how you could make the world better Kid President brings this AWESOME knowledge Kid President IS A YOUTUBE STAR WHO DOES a YouTube Star who does inspiring videos if you haven t seen them you should and just makes you feel good with his words of wisdom This book follows suit It is packed with 100 ways to change to world for the better and be awesome doing itWhat I Thought This is a wonderfully plifting book This book was a great read It captures the joy of an excited kid ready to take on life There are marvelous tips on how to make your life Awesome And Others Lives Awesome and others lives awesome are great celebrity interviews throughout the book with people like Jeff Foxworthy Beyonc Michelle Obama and various kids who have taken action to make the world awesome The format of the book is really cool There are tons of pictures fact boxes illustrations interviews and much The layout reminds me of a magazine which as a kid I really find interesting and cool to look at The book is a life changer really No lie If everyone read this book the world would definitely be better Mr Kid President I have read. This is LIFE people You've got air coming through your nose You've got a heartbeat That means it's time to do something announces Kid President in his book Kid President's Guide to Being Awesome From YouTube sensation 75 million views and counting to Hub Network summer series star Kid President ten year old.

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From the moment I picked p this book I was WOWed Although I am a sucker for inspirational otes and will likely highlight my favorite lines in my own copy of this book Kid President s Guide to Being Awesome serves as feel good motivation for people of any age Further this book is written in a way that is simple and easy to nderstand while also harboring deeper bold messages From stories of licking White House walls and mailing corndogs to friends to anecdotes of gratitude and treating all people to friends to anecdotes of gratitude and treating all people compassion this book hits the full emotional spectrum Brad and Robby have crafted the perfect mix of laughter inducing moments and heartfelt otes That Make For A Satisfying make for a satisfying read Skeptical about reading advice from a child Even Kid President admits I don t know everything I m just a kid but his brother in law and partner in this project Brad sheds some light on children s perspectives saying Kids are awesome like that They see things differently Where I might see a handrail he sees a slide Where I might see a puddle of water he sees a perfect place to jump Where I might be A Little Kinder uick to see the differences between myself and someone else he sick to make a friend That s what happens when you look for *the best in the world Sometimes the most insightful wisdom comes in small packages I just love *best in the world Sometimes the most insightful wisdom comes in small packages I just love President What a wonderful way to encourage ourselves to do good and be better every day This is a colorful clever book that deserves a place of honor in your cleanest bathroom Then all of the friends who visit your home can become edified and inspired when they were just looking to go pottyWell done Brad Robby and Krist. Ep guide to make pretty much everything a little bit awesomer Grab a corn dog and settle in to your favorite comfy chair Pretend it's your birthday In fact treat everyone like it's THEIR birthday Kid President is here with a 240 page full color Guide to Being Awesome that'll spread love and inspire the worl. ,

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