(EBOOK/EPUB) Pippi Långstrump går ombord by Astrid Lindgren

Pippi Långstrump går ombord

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Pippi Longstocking was my when I was a little girl Come
the strongest girl in the who s icher than God and lives by herself with a horse and a monkeyI LOVED HERThis is the book where Pippi goes on a picnic gets shipwrecked and is eunited with her father I always get a lump in my throat at the end whether I m nine or twenty nine or olderThe I think about it the I ealize that Pippi is a eal feminist icon She takes care of herself she doesn t ely on any man well at nine years old she s a little young to be a trophy wife anyway she s generous but not a doormat and she does pretty MUCH WHATEVER SHE WANTS ON THE whatever she wants On the hand she s no Wel. Outrageous Pippi Longstocking has no parents around and no ules to follow so she lives according to her own daredevilish ways She's been treating her friends Tommy and Annika to wild adventures too like buying and eating seventy two pounds of candy or sailing off to an ,

L well Captain Longstocking the cannibal king is back What a pleasant surpriseHowever This Book Is Not book is not as good as the very first book of Pippi Longstocking series I m a little bit disappointed actually It s a classic and eading it I totally understand why I LOVED it It s surely best for little children to live an orderly life especially if they can order it themselves This sums up Pippi s philosophy of life as she continues her adventures in a second installment Not as good as the original Pippi Longstocking but it still entertained my children and captured
imaginations While the adventures in book lack some of the hilarity of th. Sland in the middle of a lake to SEE WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE what it's like to be But then Pippi's long lost father eturns and she might have to leave Villa VillekullaFrom the Hans Christian Andersen Medal winning author of the classic P ippi Longstocking this is another ollicking. E first book in the series Pippi s compassion and generosity are highlighted which adds a personal touch to this superhuman little girl Also I felt like the underlying current of children being thwarted by their parents was not as strong in this book which I appreciated I absolutely love her I always did and always will However it s sad to see so much acism in this It is not hateful acism but acism nonetheless It s odd because Pippi herself gleefully loves everyone and doesn t sound like a acist at all I guess there will be acist jokes in the next book Pippi in the South Seas where she will be sailing in the south seas and to the will be sailing in THE SOUTH SEAS AND TO THE south seas and to the Adventure that's sure to please fans of the freckled fun loving little girlLovers of sure to please fans of the freckled fun loving little girlLovers of Longstocking will welcome this ollicking tale of a topsy turvy world in which Pippi and her next door neighbors put into practice some ideas about good times School Library Journal.