Night School (E–pub READ) ¼ C.J. Daugherty

G I love in a good escape Mystery intrigue excitement driven character and a heart pounding plot I loved the atmosphere It s set in an old and odd Gothic mansion turned into a school called Cimmeria Academy That s where Allie s parents sent her as a last resort after being arrested again and decided they had enough and dropped her off at the academy doors in summer no less Allie was all for hating every second of her stay but the school seemed to settle her in a way that she finally feels happy and after what happened to her brother she didn t know if that was ever possible again Soon enough strange things start happening around Allie some of the students are even getting hurt and Allie is starting to uestion exactly what kind of school she got landed in She really has no ideaCJ Daugherty writing is fabulous I love how easy it was to get into this story She doesn t rush her characters or the plot along The pacing is perfect and it s uite detailed The school itself is like it s very own character it has a very enchanting uality to it traditional impressive and intimating at the same time I loved how expressive the grounds are The garden and the church and then there s the library and the books and the art I uickly feel in love with everything about it I also loved the way the characters moved along From classes homework dinners to romance and mysterious mishaps along the way we get the full effect and it was really nice to be able to sink in a story that didn t feel rushed for a change I got to know these characters really well understanding them better Some may find it a bit slow moving but I never felt bored in fact I was genuinely interested in every aspect this book had to offerThere are a lot of chracters to get to know but each one has a uniue role Allie of course is our main protag and I really like her She s had a hard go for awhile there but once we get to know her she becomes a different person right before our eyes She s got a good head on her shoulders she knows how to hold her own and even though life at the academy can be challenging she kept her head up and didn t stop fighting for what she believed in Jo is a great girl she has issues but I liked how natural their friendship felt same goes for Rachel as well All the secondary characters Isabelle Jules Lucas Lisa Katie and Gabe were all well developed and most of them kept surprising me along the way As for the boys Sylvain is a hard one he s a charming guy even really likable in the beginning but he did something that I usually don t find forgivable but wonderfully enough somehow Daugherty made him redeemable in my eyes and my heart actually went out to him by the end of the bookBut at last Carter West owns me At first this guy was so hot and cold I couldn t form a proper opinion of him till half way throughout the book But once I hit a certain point there really is no turning back when it comes to Carter he s the real deal and I absolutely loved him to bits He and Allie shared some really fantastic moments These two are so stubborn but the chemistry is intense and very sexyThis story line is not at all what I thought it was going to be and probably my favorite part of the book When ou look at the cover read the title and the blurb that follows it what is the fist thing that pops in The Watchmakers Lady your mind For me it s paranromal I thought for sure there would be some kind of paranrmal element in this book it surly reads like one It makesou feel anxious throughout the entire novel like Instinct for Freedom Finding Liberation Through Living your missing the bigger picture or trying to grasp a clouded thought that slips away right beforeou remember it This may seem frustraing and even unsettling but it was actually the opposite for me It made me want to savor this book instead of rushing to end it It almost has a teasing flavor that made it so much fun trying to guess the punchline before the big reveal Sadly I couldn t for the life of me guess what this book is truly about what Night School is truly about so I m not going to tell Legacy of the Heart: The Spiritual Advantages of a Painful Childhood you guysour just gonna have to read it and find out for とんび yourself I will say that this was nicely done not only is it believable but it s also pretty creative and so not predictableIf there was ever a book out there that needed a seuel then this book would be it My head is spinning and I physically need to know I have so many uestions about well everything so I m so glad another book is in the works It simply can not end hereBottom line I loved this book guys It was a blast to read and while I usually zip through books like candy I wanted to savor this one for as long as I could It s fun funny puzzling and incredibly alluring An enjoyable experience and a outstanding debutMORE I always enjoy boarding school books unless they re contemporary in which case I tend to run away screaming and I d hoped Night School would be a fine addition to the group or in the best case scenario that it would stand out in some way Sadly it s not special at all and it s not even paranormal like I d expected It has the structure and the tropes of a paranormal YA novel but no paranormal elements whatsoever Considerourselves warned Allie is a very troubled teen After her older brother ran away from home she started acting out and being completely out of control She even got arrested a couple of times When she gets herself expelled from The Concubine yet another school for vandalism her parents decide to take drastic measures They send her to Cimmeria School a very prestigious and very private boarding school located two hours drive from London Cimmeria is notour ordinary school Students are all extremely talented and very rich the program is highly demanding and they get certain liberties and luxuries they wouldn t get anywhere else The school has many rules and failure to follow them always results in dire punishment but one rule is most important of all if ou re not invited to join Night School don t ask uestions about it don t try to identify students who are in it and don t ever under any circumstances try to disrupt Night School activities Allie adapts to her life very easily but she soon starts investigating odd things that are happening in Cimmeria with the help of a few friends and her boyfriendTechnically Daugherty s writing has no major flaws There are no rough transitions confusing or repetitive sentence structure no naked dialogue no telling instead of showing The problem was entirely in the content Clich after clich after clich that s what Night School has to offer with the addition of some very disturbing details The love triangle takes up a good part of the book but it s not just any love triangle it s about a difficult choice between the guy who book but it s not just any love triangle it s about a difficult choice between the guy who been nothing but sweet and supportive and honest and the guy who got Allie drunk and tried to date rape her

on their first 
their first last date But he is handsome and disgustingly rich and FRENCH Wow How anyone could ever choose between them I have no idea The way Allie changed from very problematic to obedient and hardworking the second she set foot in cimmeria didn second she set foot in Cimmeria didn sit well with me It takes a little than a new school uniform and two gorgeous boys to fix those kinds of problems and et Allie got better overnight Her character was very inconsistent and it was clear to me that CJ Daugherty doesn t know the first thing about issues behind such behavior It bothered me immensely that she didn t approach the subject seriously enough In my opinion she also failed to create tension in her story More time was wasted on the love triangle drama and on the summer ball then on the main story line Needless to say when the big revelation came it was very anticlimactic and it made very little sense All this led to an unsatisfactory ending that really wasn t an ending at all It was almost like someone cut out the last chapter There was no real climax and nothing was resolved at all Some of my friends on GoodReads rated this book very highly and I m pretty sure it will have many fans Maybe I m just getting tired of reading the same story over and over again For of my reviews please visit The Nocturnal Library. Om uem Allie tem uma grande afinidadeTudo parece perfeito até ue Cimmeria começa a tornar se um lugar muito perigoso onde ninguém está a salvo Nada é o ue aparenta e até Allie descobre ue não é uem pensava Enuanto investiga os obscuros segredos da escola Allie tem de decidir em uem confiar E uem amar. Ng no threats This is it They re sending her to Cimmeria which is her last hope even if they have to make tremendous financial sacrifices for itAllie is so tremendously immature I think the writer intends for her to seem that way to be unlikeable and childish and stupid initially so that we can see her character development Her lack of maturity seems deliberate but it doesn t really endear me to herSetting the black pieces on her side she handed Allie a white knightAllie held it up and made a neighing sound Jo gave her a withering look Pony Allie said weakly What s a parley Allie had asked at the time adding hopefully It s just a couple of letters away from party BrilliantThe problem is that Allie never really grows up She is rendered somewhat less rebellious by the strict code of behavior at Cimmeria but her mental immaturity remains She is defiant and obstinate but I don t think she s too intelligent She seems oddly incurious Allie is frustrated by the lack of answers and all the secrecy because obviously something strange is going on but she never truly demands that Carter tells her what the hell is going on I do like the fact that she uestions things if something doesn t make sense she does not hesitate to call it out but she never outright demands answers I did feel bad for Allie She is out of place there and everyone seems to know it She is made to feel like she stands out in a bad way Everybody treated her like the village idiot who d slipped in when the guard s back was turned Eventually we get to know about Allie and why she acts the way she does My mum and dad fought with each other and I was just thisnuisance to them that they had to deal with It was like when he left he pulled the stopper from our lives and drained everything good out They didn t love me any And I felt nothing at all She sighed shakily Feeling something became really important to me So I drank a lot but actually that s kind of the opposite of feeling anything The Infernal you know She ends up growing on me she s still not the type of character that I really like but she is by no means a Mary Sue2 Carter man what a douchebag A mysterious hypocritical douchebag and part one of the love triangle I hated Carter West from the beginning He s constantly in detention Thinks he knows everything and everybody else is shallow He s infuriating Half the teachers hate him and the others treat him like I don t know he s their kid or something And he s a notorious womanizer He gets what he wants and then he s not interested any Allie is warned away from him from the start and I have to give her credit for recognizing that she shouldn t waste her time on him at one early point God canou believe the energy we re giving this conversation about some guy we don t even like Carter doesn t get the message he constantly gets underfoot and harasses her He runs hot and cold towards Allie and he irritates the hell out of me You don t Ignore somebody For weeks And then Ask them Personal uestions You Arsehole He tries to warn Allie of something but his warnings are vague and without reason then Carter gets angry when Allie doesn t listen to his enigmatic warnings He tells her to stay away from Sylvain because he is a womanizer when he has done the same himself The tension between Sylvain and Carter felt like nothing than two alpha males defending their territory3 Love triangle towards the beginning ou could see my lips curl up in disgust as I read the insta attraction between Allie Sylvain and Carter Sylvain is kind ofspecial His parents are very important people he s from a very old family And he s kind of an interesting guy in his own right Lots of girls over the ears have tried to get his attention but nobody s ever really succeeded Jo chimed in But then ou came along and suddenly it s like he has this huge crush Two of the most notoriously womanizing guy in the school are drawn towards her Here we go again ordinary in every way girl all of a sudden gets the attention of the two most attractive guy in the school Clich d much4 The mystery this was the most frustrating part The mystery and how it was revealed moved like molasses It was so slow to get revealed I don t think I m particularly stupid but I had no idea what the hell was going on with all the attacks and the mysterious accidents until a good 34 of the book was over Strange things happen in the forest Students get hurt Hints get given but they re misleading I heard something growl she admitted like a dog But I heard footsteps too The human kind What do you think it could have been she asked I mean do people have dogs here Like teachers orstaff Reading this one think it could have been she asked I mean do people have dogs here Like teachers orstaff Reading this one think that the author is setting us up for a paranormal of the big furry go crazy during a full moon type of Reveal One would be WRONG I WAS SO FRUSTRATED READING I was so frustrated reading and so angry at the final reveal It s like having a big slice of chocolate cake dangled in front of ou as Heart of the Night Secret Agent Series you run and then after getting the cakeit turns out to be carob What a tremendous letdown I like the story I grew to eventually like the characters I m curious enough to find out where this series is headed but I m just disappointed at the conclusion because it felt like I was so mislead It s like a paper maze where the beginning and the end are just adjacent to each other only the path on paper takesou through half the maze to get the the exit Man this was AWESOMECJ Daugherty managed to keep me in the dark about what was really going on in Night School until the very end I had no freakin clue and I loved that Daugherty scattered a few hints here and there to make sure ou never stayed on the right track After a while I thought I had the whole thing figured out and was like Ah well this is just another one of those boarding school stories about vampires or whatever but I was wrong It really isn t I think it s best to go into this with as little knowledge as possible so don t go read any spoilery reviews Just give this one a try and if at one point ou think A Bush Calendar you know what the story s about trust meou re most probably wrong o When I picked this up I hadn t even read the blurb properly I had only seen that my friend Tina rated it 5 stars and had it on her favorites shelf and so I decided to give it a try And I m SO glad I didSo what else did I love about this besides the fact that Daugherty kept me on my toes the entire time Definitely the characters I adored the main character Allie as well as some others which I don t want to name for spoilery reasons The only thing that bothered me was the fact that too many guys seemed to fall all over themselves to be with Allie for no obvious reason It s just not very realistic if all the hot heartbreakers at one school fall for the same girl just because she s the heroine of the story and the author thinks that there needs to be a love triangle Nevertheless I thought this was a really great read and even though I finally know what Night School is about at least or less there are still tons of uestions left unanswered and I can t wait to get my hands on the seuel I liked Night School But I say that with a massive caveat More on that later So Night School and upcoming Night School seuel ou and our ratings are on probation The synopsis is fairly ambiguous as to the genre of the novel It drops hints about a strange boarding school and a mysterious loner guy but is evasive on the specifics Even the cover looks like it would be home among a shelf of paranormal romances So while I don t think it s a spoiler to say this I ll put in spoiler tags all the same view spoilerNight School is not a paranormal romance Which I appreciated but I suspect might disappoint others hide spoiler Yup this is definitely a Tina bookSince the Harry Potter days I ve always loved boarding school books So as soon as I saw this book I ve wanted to read it I m not sure why but it sounded like something I d enjoy and enjoy I did in fact it became an instant favorite Also the fact that it s set in London and it s British is an extra bonus I love British books Night School has just about everythin. A normal fica longe de tudo não permite o uso de computadores nem de telemóveis e os alunos parecem ser todos ricos ou sobredotadosAinda assim a vida parece correr bem a Allie Faz novos amigos e um dos rapazes mais atraentes da escola dedica lhe toda a sua atenção E há ainda Carter um rapaz solitário Awh man I really wanted to be able to give this book Instead I shall tell 50 Years of Silence you why I didn t and why I gave it what I did of course Right so the blurb and the first chapter of the book give the impression that Allie is somewhat of a troublemaker what with the arrests and all Sounds fun right We all love a good troublemaker However as the book went on I found her character uite and by uite I mean really inconsistent She changed the moment she went to the boarding school to generic female protagonist who is loved by all and led around by all Things happened to her she didn t make them happen For example even the headmistress was sucking up to her I mean really It was kinda like the character reverted to defaultAbout 23s of the way through though Allie finally got her act togethor and became a character I liked rather than just tolerated But IMO that s a bit late for a character to finally become developed enough to be recognised as an actual human I think I might just blame Slyvain for lack of cool Allie just for someone to blame know Speaking of the love triangle it actually wasn t a bad one I like how the first impressions each guy gave was somewhat different to the person they wereThe plot was actually pretty cool and really surprising I thought the name Night School was just a really unoriginal name for a vampire book so this made me happy Again the book wasn t exactly boring but only after the first half could I actually say I was interested It was one of them Oh so finally something s going on moments Honestly I was a bit bemused by the ending I felt it took so long to get to some action where we get given some answers and then it juststops Pcha Sixty four percent in four days does not a good sign make I just couldn t get into it but the Lord be thanked for if not by the powers of skimming then I doubt I d have managed to get through to the end Should I say that it s the same old same oldShould I say that the boys are ridiculously controlling in this one Should I repeat the fact that Vide et plein yet gain there be two boys in this one both of whom are into the same girl who thinks herselfet again as not that much to begin withShould I say that it took forever for things to kick into gear I mean sixty four percent peopleI guess I sort of just did All those moments of someone watching me someone knows something I don t know had me coming up with all sorts of scenarios but the one the book actually had was not too bad just not as specific as I d have liked it to be That was the point though for the school the circumstances to be cloaked in mystery My problem is not that much is re If I have just read it when I got it I was 14 I guess well my mum bought it before I went on a trip and I haven t read it since but I own the whole series AHHHHH But let s come to the book I didn t like it as much as I expected it to do The writing maybe it was just the German translation was reallynot my type and The Latinos of Asia: How Filipino Americans Break the Rules of Race you could just feel it was written my an adult trying to sound like a teenager AND I HATE THIS I HATE IT AHHHHHH And the plot was bad too Everything was so clear Aaaaand I someone tried to rapeou it s not our fault It isn t Just saying Hm 4 stars The voice in her head told her not to trust him But then the voice in her head didn t trust anyone Well damn I didn t expect to like this so much probably why it took me so long to start it but I m glad I did Although I m sensing a lot of frustration in the future view spoiler stupid stupid love triangles I hate ou and I know Make You Mine you ll ruin it for me hide spoiler 5 Words Privilege school friendship family loveI have to admit that I put off reading this for a long timeWhyThe cover It just screams PNR Or YAFantasyNo thankouBut this month I wanted to finally read some of those books that have been sitting on my physical TBR for a long while starting with the UKYA And Night School was the first one I picked upAnd wow Why did I leave it so longI m not sure what I was expecting but it was absolutely NOT what I read This book was all kinds of awesome and amazing And so I m going to push it on everyoneThis book is absolutely not fantasy so why so many people have shelved it as such I don t know It was a similar storyline to many YA books but the way it was told really set it apart from the rest Actual rating 35I honestly don t know how to rate this book It s such an odd read I came in with certain expectations as to the plot the characters and the writing and none were reached That isn t to say it s a bad thing considering I Had Low Expectations But This Book Was So Different had low expectations BUT THIS BOOK WAS SO DIFFERENT this book was so different I actually got From the title I expected a House of Night ripoff and instead I got Gossip Girl meet cloak and daggers with a hint at the paranormal and a set of rules straight out of Fight ClubJust look at some of the rules in the student manual I actually burst out laughing when I read them6 The identities of those involved in Night School are secret Anyone who attempts to find out their identities will be punished7 ALL Night School activities are secret Any member of Night School found to be divulging the details of those activities will be punished severelyCome on doesn t that just scream Fight ClubI m justspeechless This is not to say the book was bad it s actually uite enjoyable but then again I place a high value on reasonable character behavior good plot building and good writing and the book has plenty of the above It s just that it goes on so long dangling various shinies in front of me as a promise to a Big Revealand when the mystery is finally resolved it was so anticlimactic THAT IT FELTFLAT I UNDERSTAND THAT it feltflat I understand that is meant to be the beginning to a series and as such it feels like Night School 05 it would be better off as a setup to the actual book with an actual plot that doesn t reuire 34 of the book to unwind The book is just far far too long for what it containsThe premise rebellious teenager Allie has been repeatedly arrested and her parents are sick of it She is sent to Cimmeria a school where super rich and influential people send their children It appears that she s the only normal student there who is neither admitted by legacy nor with wealthy or powerful parents She makes some friends meets the Mean Girls and falls in a love triangle Strange things are happening on campus students get mysteriously injured and attacked accidents happen Allie is bullied and nobody seems to be able to give her a straight answerThe good the writing The pacing may be slow as molasses but the writing is very well done I expected piss poor writing and storytelling but I was proven utterly wrong The atmosphere and setting are so well described I could visualize everything that the author describes from the beautiful setting of the Cimmeria campus to the simple appearance of the character However it is never overdone More Than a Princess (The Montevaro Monarchy you will not find descriptiveness rivaling Dickens here The writing is simple subtle and evocative the characters speech are natural The hints given are subtle and not obvious we are not hand fed anything Whatever criticism I might have for the book there is absolutely no complaints from me on the uality of the writing That was what I most enjoyed about the bookThe bad1 Allie she is not the most sympathetic character She is rebellious snarky with a teenager s apathy and hatred for authority She was not always like this as we know Allie was previously a good student a loving child but all that disintegrated with the disappearance of her brother Christopher She has since then done everything she can to make life difficult for herself and her parents In the beginning of the book I felt so much sympathy for her parents when we meet them briefly and for the only time in the beginning of the book as Allie is being arrested for the third time after having been caught vandalizing her school They re weary they re empty they re humiliated from having gone through this three times they re tired of all this Her parents are sympathetic towards her they too have suffered due to the Christopher situation but this is too much Noelling no screami. Um mundo de mistério um mundo de segredos um mundo de perigos e o coração dividido entre dois asA vida Allie está a desmoronar se detesta a cidade em ue vive o irmão fugiu de casa e ela foi presa Mais uma vez Os pais decidem mandá la para uma escola para jovens problemáticos Cimmeria não é uma escol. Night School