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Haunted housedo you have a story to tellWhat a wonderful book The Stories Blend Together So blend together so by Richard Nakata the researcher I njoyed how he visits different places ach with "its own uniue mood and setting Fantastic atmosphere specially in Beyond St Patrick s Chapel The "own uniue mood and setting Fantastic atmosphere specially in Beyond St Patrick s Chapel THE THE CEMETERYTHE GRASSY FIELDS BEYOND I USED TO the cemeterythe grassy fields beyond I used to of this very same thing when I was a kidit was almost as if Unsworth put my imagination to paper Brilliant I ve never been around the area that Unsworth uses as his settings but this was a great book nonetheless very atmospheric and at times unpleasant It s written with a very fluid anthology framework and would make an xcellent film Certain parts like the Heysham Head section are just crying out to be filmed At moments it reminded me of the BBC series Sea of Souls due to similar subject matter the last two stories 24 Glasshouse and Stack s Farm in particular though Unsworth s writing style is direct and in places less subtle I had a few minor issues with it in particular there were uite a lot of typos and wrong but similar sounding words used which tended to break the flow I am in no way a master of grammar and spelling but if I noticed all these mistakes probably about 20 overall without properly counting it makes me wonder why any proof reader Fitness for Geeks: Real Science, Great Nutrition, and Good Health editor or beta reader wouldn t Reallyngrossing and innovative and creepy ghost stories I also like how the author strings together the various short stories with the larger meta plot uiet Houses is proof positive that the small presses are really the place to go for uniue and powerful talent Unsworth an admitted admirer of the portmanteau a collection of stories connected by a frame story treats the reader to a real smorgasbord of the paranormal Virtually very kind of story is represented from the traditional type of haunted tale such as the one in which a ghostly chambermaid provides hotel guests with service that xtends far beyond their stay to a modern Cause Of Fear ethically ambiguous treatmentinvolving the narrator and a group of other graduate students who dare to create their own haunting with devestating results Each story was different and uniuely frightening which is a big accomplishment for any anthology but the real revelation of this collection is that we uibble about what it is to be truly haunted after reading these wonderfully imaginative tales I am convinced that anyone who hasxperienced loss pain or grief has indeed been haunted Highly recommended for the fans of this genre and all who hope to become fans Note to self have the Kobo dition not the paperback or Kindle Need to create a new record for that at some pointA collection of related stories about a parapsychologist collecting ghost stories and looking into various haunted houses and I really need to write a better summary because that doesn t ven begin to cov. Top graveyard leads to a harrowing chase by burrowing things that remain unseen their hunger unknown and never satisfied BEYOND ST PATRICK'S CHAPEL The great delight in being part of the Save Our Shit crew was that sometimes they could persuade those designers of the present and the future to save or incorporate the past into their designs There is no need in THE OCEAN GRAND NW COAST because the original artists created a living work of art for the hotel Art that celebrates the triumph of the natural world over the man made A life force that transcends and brings death Something white came out Something white screaming and screaming Homes fit for heroes they were prom. A collection of objectively decent short stories about haunted houses framed within a larger narrative that never uite gels The stories in order The Elms Morecambe a haunting image in search of an actual story with plot and characters The Merry House Scale Hall slow moving 70s Dr Who style story with bonus child torture and death in case those are a concern Beyond St Patrick s Chapel Heysham Head By far the weakest story of the lot Okay parapsychologist you re afraid of grass Cool The Ocean Grand North West Coast My favorite of the collection this is basically a love story to an old Art Deco hotel with ghosts Very cleverly done but needed a longer build up of tension to get a good frighten on The Temple of Relief and Ease My other favorite in the book this had the technical accomplishment in its writing the details and well written description of place and space that a lot of the other stories lacked In addition you really wind up sympathizing with the ghost as a character and that happens The Game of Love exactly nowherelse in the book 24 Glasshouse Glasshouse Estate A uniue idea for a story but supposing that the incident described is supposed to be the main tragedy for the book s protagonist the xecution is flat and cold and at its climax ridiculous Slack s Farm Trough of Bowland Okay that was spooky and scary and disturbing I think my biggest problem Slack s Farm Trough of Bowland Okay that was spooky and scary and disturbing I think my biggest problem is Unsworth s difficulty describing the interiors of rooms and xteriors of houses That sounds small but the book s ostensibly all about haunted houses and ach story is supposed to center around one particular house so not being able to describe those houses well takes a lot of wind out of the sailsThe other problem is that the book is peopled ntirely by men Every character interacting in a story is male the only women who appear are dead or the protagonist can t be bothered to remember their names symptomatic of the author s lack of interest in including them as subjects in the stories In Glasshouse the one female character with than one line of dialogue winds up with about seven lines she is still dead but mostly she xists to react to the protagonist and antagonist I feel like there s no way you do this accidentally as an author and that s appallingOverall some wonderfully big ideas in here mostly ruined in the xecution An njoyable read with a connection between the stories and the narrator Nakata I am not the greatest reader of short stories but these were of interest to me due to the UK locations and the fact that the stories were based on actual buildings Exceptional portmanteau work of supernatural incidents investigated by an objective researcher Unsworth gives the screaming victims short shrift and focuses on the horror of the ghosts themselves Well worth the read if you are a bit bored with the standards of supernatural reads Do you live in THE HOUSES ARE UIET IT IS THEIR RESIDENTS WHO ARE SCREAMING No one could be that unhappy "and be alive A chambermaid's seemingly innocent reuest is granted an act of kindness that has "be alive A chambermaid's seemingly innocent reuest is granted an act of kindness that has conseuences for the guest at THE ELMS MORECAMBE Human despair has a power of its own after death and it is contagious I wish I had been right; I wish that it had been a man or death alone that had found her An unearthly light in an abandoned bungalow resolves the mystery of a missing child but no human force has taken her An ntity that fishes for children is in THE MERRY HOUSE SCALE HALL But will it remain there Go beyond the graves and they will come to you An invitation to a cliff.

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Er this book s ualityIn much the same way that Sarah Monette s stories of Kyle Murchison Booth makes me think of M R James I found this collection made me think of Ambrose Bierce There s a weariness to Nakata and a sense of a rather casually cruel world in the stories and on top of that the Heysham Head story which I think is my favourite reminded me of The Damned Thing on what I guess is a fairly superficial levelThe protagonist seems to pretty clearly go with The Stone Tape theory of ghosts and it s ven referred to That Way At One way at one but the stories definitely aren t constrained by it the haunts are ghosts or art or the monstrous or the rather horrifying unknownIt s not a perfect collection the Glasshouse Estate story left me a little cold But it s well written restrained spooky paints lovely and vocative pictures of vents and is so very much worth the time to read In the afterword to uiet Houses author Simon Kurt Unsworth refers to the book as a two fold xperiment an attempt to write intertwined stories in order to create a written portmanteau as well as an attempt to utilize personal and familiar real life locations as the settings for all the stories Although some of the places in the stories are fictional they are heavily based on real places and the afterword does a great job of breaking down Sinner's Heart each location going into their importance to Unsworth and the reasons he chose them The final product of thisxperiment a The portmanteau is a device commonly associated with the anthologu films of Amicus and television shows such as The Twilight Zone and The Night Gallery but here Simon Kurt Unsworth uses the linking thread of a private investigator s xplorations at sites of reported supernatural phenomena The tone is modern in that the sites are surburban houses train station lavatories and half built Phase II houses but the tone is strictly old school as ghosts merge that Spirit of the Wolf echo the dictum of MR James that such things should be malevolent andven when sympathetically cast they remain so here As to my favourites from the collection I would pick Beyond St Patrick s Chapel as a brilliant short that vokes MR James and Aickman in its uietly persistent phantasm that is all the disturbing for its implicit threat The "Elms also keeps certain causes and reasons for the haunting cautiously hidden which only serves to "also keeps certain causes and reasons for the haunting cautiously hidden which only serves to a great sense of tragedy and sadness as the uestion why hangs in the air throughout the narrative Lastly I would like to choose The Temple of Relief and Ease as my absolute favourite from the collection as it uses a setting that could have been too prosaic or too comedic a public toilet and turns it into a place not of relief and ase but of blackly depressing and suffocating horror Recommended for those who njoy seeing the past and the present of the horror genre beautifully conjoined. Ised for those who njoy seeing the past and the present of the horror genre beautifully conjoined. Ised the Great War They were given something lse in THE TEMPLE OF RELIEF AND EASE There is a hidden agenda to paranormal researcher Richard Nakata's investigations into these houses A commission that witnesses cattle lowing in the cowsheds of STACK'S FARM long after they've been slaughtered and a reckoning in the showhouse of 24 GLASSHOUSE as he and his colleagues pay the price for creating their own ghost Simon Kurt Unsworth reinvents the classic English ghost story with a portmanteau collection that takes the haunted house genre and makes it screamuietly Because the most terrifying screams are the silent ones A major new talent in the horror genre Pete Tennan. uiet Houses
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