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Of kin contact information then after each rapids they had to check in Women and children had to walk around the rapids This was an amazing story for a category romance Jenna Kernan offers up another rousing western historical romance adventure in Gold Rush Groom Lily Shanahan is a real pistol and she wears one on her hip Lily wants adventure than anything and the perfect place is the Yukon during the gold rush Earning money anyway she can she provides hauling services in Dyea Alaska Lily is immediately struck breathless when a tall handsome Jack Snow steps off the boat from SeattleJack Snow looks every inch the greenhorn Lily needs a partner for the periolous trip to the Yukon and tall strapping Jack could fit the role With her Newfoundland mix dog Nala she offers Jack an offer he can t refuseJack in his gentleman finery and his New England accent is also eager to make his fortune Jack is very oung only twenty and handsome as sin Lily is certainly affected She is twenty ears of age as wellJack is trying to restore his family s fortune that his father lost Lily is the daughter of an impoverished Irish immigrant They are from totally different worlds but decide to partner up for the dangerous journey to DawsonThe attraction between them is immediate especially when Lily catches Jack shirtless journey to DawsonThe attraction between them is immediate especially when Lily catches Jack shirtless up With just a slight touch the flame is ignited However attraction takes a back seat while the pair start out on their journeyThe journey is great I felt I was right along with them Lily makes biscuits and sells coffe for extra money on the way Night after night of sharing the same tent is taking its toll the attraction is getting HARDER TO IGNOREJENNA CERTAINLY DID HER RESEARCH GREAT DETAIL to ignoreJenna certainly did her research great detail the book Jack and Lily give in to their passion during the journey which complicates things The trip through the rapids was exciting and by the time the couple reach Dawson ou are solidly behind them and hoping for a happy ending Jack and Lily are such opposites but endearingly appealingOnce they reach Dawson Jack becomes involved in an invention of his own making and how to sell it Lily takes a job singing and life moves on Not for long a whole new set of adventures crop up drawing in Jack and Lily and drawing them back to each other Jack is a fine hero he maybe a oung gentleman who went to Princeton but he is than up to every adventure that comes his way Lily is a than a match for Jack she may come across as crusty on the outside but inside is a soft heart Great charactersA solid romanceadventure I thoroughly enjoyed thi. S apart But Lily Shanahan proves resourceful and dauntless in the face of raging rivers and icy mountain passes and Jack is forced to admit her passion for life is enough to tempt him from his cour. .
Jack is out seeking his fortune to help support his mother and sister since his father Lost All Their Money And all their money and killed himself He heads to the Yukon where he partners up with Lily an irish immigrant Even though they are miles apart in station they fall in love but will that be enough Lily Shanahan was a singer who wanted to go to Dawson to start a new life She that be enough Lily Shanahan was a singer who wanted to go to Dawson to start a new life She Jack Snow who had been a wealthy man from New York but lost everything and wanted to get rich by going to the Yukon Gold Rush They were partners through the rough waters and the the long nightsThis was a uick and easy road Also a very interesting uest for love and wealth This was a good story about the gold rush in the Yukon One man s need to make money to restore his family s good name and one woman needing to make a good life for herself The two meet and help each other across the rugged land rivers and all sorts of dangers Another fine story by Jenna Kernan This is the kind of book I read and I m glad I did regardless of the unusual for me theme otherwise I d have missed out on a very good love story Jack and Lily were real people with real hang ups The progression of their feelings and their actions were human and believable I m not big on adventure but this one worked excellently so much so that I d like to read books on the Yukon Gold rush Jenna Keenan well done I love reading stories set in this time period 1897 Yukon Gold Rush the excitement of discovering the unknown the perilous journey to claim our land All this with an underlying romance I found Lily to be a wonderful character filled with spirit courage and determination Jack was the perfect compliment to her Together they find their adventure in Dawson Cityand a little something extra on the side I won this on first reads This book is lovely The main character is someone I would love to be friends with she is loyal proud and independent Then Jack Snow is the character The Proposal you love to hate every time he says anything I scream areou stupid In my head but then again he is a guy so Prey you can t blame him By the end his endearing dumbness seems tolerable andou begin to realize he is just trying to express himself in a way he had never been exposed to growing up in his own family The setting is perfect and stays true to the time period except maybe all the bacon they eat Overall a steamy well developed romance story perfect for an afternoon read This was a super book I adored the detail in the writing in the way in which both the minor and main characters were described I also was fascinated by. A search for goldJack Snow has learned the hard way that the only person he can rely on is himself With his family fortune gone he'll don his best jacket and reel out the charm to bag himself an he. ,

The way in which the rush to get to the gold in Dawson Creek was described The tragedy of the people who died or lost everything they had scrimped and saved to have was so moving and very sympathetically described but it also made Lily and Jack s success all the sweeter I found this a very unexpected gem I am definitely going to be reading of Kernan s work This book has convinced me that she is a good writer with a keen eye for detail a flare for adventure and a love for her subject This is actually a 4 12 star book but that isn t a choice here The only reason it s not a 5 star is that Lily rescues Jack one too many times as far as I was concerned and Jack wasn t uicker to see that he was nothing in the Yukon without herAll that being said the descriptions of the passage from Dyea to Dawson City were spectacular just enough to give the flavor of how hard the journey was without wallowing in it Lily s wilderness knowledge and her uick thinking made the book for me I love self confident kick ass heroines ones that uietly broadcast these ualities and the author doesn t need to tell the reader that these are *character traits Lily Shanahan first generation Irish immigrant has made it to the coast of Alaska and is *traits Lily Shanahan first generation Irish immigrant has made it to the coast of Alaska and is for a partner to make the 500 mile trek across the Yukon to the Dawson gold fields She is looking for adventure and a new life She can sew cook and sing and hopes people will pay She has a Newfoundland dog and sled and is looking for an unprepared greenhorn willing to partner a woman Jack Snow s father has dog and sled and is looking for an unprepared greenhorn willing to partner a woman Jack Snow s father has his fortune and died leaving his family destitute His fiance has dropped him and his mother and sister are living on family charity Jack has an invention that he thinks will make his fortune in the gold mines and restore him to his former life However he has to haul all his euipment to Dawson Despite his concerns he agrees to partner with Lily They are instantly attracted but with different agendas The bulk of the story is the hard trek to Dawson The Mounties reuire a 1000 pounds of provisions along with clothing and tools before starting out Jack has boxes of metal parts besides Much of the trail reuires carrying loads a distance within sight to avoid thievery then returning for another load etc etc Making the trek many times longer in actual steps They have to build a boat at Lake Bennett and navigate the Yukon River when the ice breaks through several sets of rapids Many died or lost all their provisions and had to head back The Mounties made men paint a serial number on their boats and give next. Iress bride could lead to something preciousThe last person with whom he expects to travel across the Yukon is an outspoken impoverished daughter of an Irish immigrant Their social standing is mile. Gold Rush Groom

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