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Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks

John Curran Õ 3 ead & download

I m giving up I had problems with the format interupted narrative for apparently unrelated bits of varying length and I don t have much faith in the deconstruction of the mostly very cryptic notes Ms Christie wrote To make it worse Curran focused mostly on my least favorite Christie titles and I didn t have my copies hand If you like and are well ead in Agatha Christie you will like this book which delves into the great author s working notebooks and comes up with uotes of Scene And Character Lists Ideas And Workings Out Of Plot and character lists ideas and workings out of plot best parts are where the notebooks Hume on Religion reveal how many ways Agatha Christie could have worked out a particular plot you come away with a glimpse into a truly astonishing level of creativity and ability to vary details to make a set of different stories out of the very same set of starting points She was a genius in my opinion and this bookeveals that through the extensive uoting of her own materialAnother great thing is that there are two complete Poirot short stories never before published they are variations on two stories that were published they illustrate perfectly the point about how she could write totally different stories using the same "Materials As In Other "as in other she had createdHowever I didn t agree with the authoreditor s assessment of some of her novels and I fel. Em 1976 aos oitenta e cinco anos de idade morria Agatha Christie a escritora mais famosa do mundo A sua obra estava publicada em mais de cem países e os seus livros haviam vendido cerca de dois mil milhões de exemplares Agatha Christie conseguira o impossível desde a década de 1920 ue escrevia mais de um livro por ano e todos eles eram incríveis bestsellers mundiais A sua imaginação prodigiosa bem como o seu alucinante itm. ,
T that he could have left OUT HIS CRITICAL JUDGMENT OF WHETHER his critical judgment of whether books were strong or weak or whatever he thought Some of his judgments that "certain details were wrong to have been included were off I thought Some I agreed with "details were wrong to have been
included were off 
were off thought Some I agreed with could have done without a lot of the critical part of the writing This book is intended to be ead by Agatha Christie fans I thought I was a fan but after City Schools: Lessons from New York reading this book Iealize I must not be a big enough fan I The Widow's Lawman read her autobiography and enjoyed it Iead a majority of her books and love them I The Story Within read this book and was darn near bored to tears I am a huge fan of Agatha Christie s work and have finally found the time to sit down andead both this and the companion piece by the same author Murder in the Making I ealise I m a bit late to the party but believe me it s a party worth attendingI enjoyed this book but probably only did so because I ve ead all of Christie s works and I expected it to be what it is a decoding of the author s diaries Mr Curran has obviously put his passion for Christie s work to good use dedicating himself to helping those of us not fortunate enough to have access to the diaries themselves the ability to get inside the head of one of the people who created the form of what we know today as the classic murder mystery For those who have yet to explore all th. O de trabalho causam ainda hoje grande perplexidade As pistas para os seus métodos e personalidade veriam a luz do dia em 2004 ano da morte de Rosalind filha da autora Na mansão da família foram encontrados os cadernos privados de Agatha Christie um extraordinário legado de setenta e três volumes escritos à mão Mas foi apenas uando o aruivista John Curran começou a decifrá los ue a verdadeira dimensão deste tesouro se to. E worlds created by Christie there are spoiler alerts A thoroughly esearched book with an enlightening perspective written well by an obvious enthusiast I have to thank my obsession and love for booksthe pleasure I get from Elephant Slaves and Pampered Parrots: Exotic Animals in Eighteenth-Century Paris reading to Agatha Christie At the age of seven years I waseceiving books as present Agatha Christie books I started my collection at that age and it gave me a never ending love for books In the end the books that give me back that pure feeling the coziness being me and my books are Agatha Christie booksThe Irish John Curran has an admiration for Agatha Christie which he brought with him in examining her left notebooks showing her handwriting her thoughts changes ideas her cleverness and uniueness Going through her notebooks he linked his findings with the books she wroteThere is so much to say about this wonderful book and at the same time nothing than I loved itThanks to John Curran I felt close to Agatha Christie a woman who created an art by wrting stories which gave pleasure to millions of people over the world still give pleasure to millions over the world and will world still give pleasure to millions over the world and will giving this pleasureShe ahs been followed in all continents through her books The American Academic Profession: Transformation in Contemporary Higher Education radio theater plays tv and now also e booksPure hapiness it gave meeading the book and I loved the two unpublished short stories at the end. Rnou óbvia Neste livro ele desvenda os grandes segredos da Rainha do Crime as origens dos seus carismáticos detectives e enigmas surpreendentes enredos alternativos cenas eliminadas e até mesmo planos para livros ue não chegou a escrever A investigação de John Curran evela uma grande uantidade de material nunca antes publicado e inclui duas histórias "Completamente Inéditas O Incidente "inéditas O Incidente Bola do Cão e A Captura de Cérbe.